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Driving Rain by Sierra Dean [Review]

 Driving Rain by Sierra Dean
Driving Rain (Rain Chaser #2) by Sierra Dean
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: February 18, 2017

Rain Chaser
1. Thunder Road
2. Driving RainKindle

Sierra Dean
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Cheating death twice in a week should at least merit a vacation.

Too bad for Tallulah Corentine the rainy season is in full swing and her boss, the storm god Seth, has no intention of letting her rest.

When a little girl bearing the mark of Seth is found dead at a Seattle marina, Tallulah worries it might be the work of her childhood flame Prescott, the right hand man to death herself. However things take on a much more sinister aspect when she learns other would-be clerics have gone missing en route to temples across the country.

As priests and clerics from all over North America make their way to the annual Convention of the Gods in Las Vegas, Tallulah begins to worry that someone might be planning to use the children and clerics to make one hell of a scary statement to a world audience.

With the help of a charming demi-god, a teenage tag-along, and the man she knows will bring her nothing but bad luck, Tallulah must uncover the truth and stop an unthinkable plot before she and everyone she cares about ends up dead.
Thoughts on Driving Rain: Part of me doesn't know where to start with this review because, holy crumb, THINGS HAPPEN. Things I wanted to happen. Things I didn't think would get to happen. Things which kinda didn't happen. And now I'm afraid I've said too much.

So, uhh, let me backtrack. I have to say, being a cleric is kind of a thankless job. I mean, there are perks, but they seem to be few and far between. And the whole channeling a god thing kinda sucks. Not really caring for the spotlight puts Tallulah in awkward situations when someone does try to give her perks. It's messy and complicated and the gods are fickle.

Not to mention the idea that the clerics are expected to keep their distances from the very people who would understand them best. Tallulah doesn't get to see her sister very often and that *thing* simmering between her and Cade isn't going to happen if the temples have anything to say about.

Being the chosen of a god comes with a lot of downsides, if you ask me.

This time around, Tallulah is on the hunt for a killer targeting marked children. The annual gathering of all the clerics is not the best place to try to protect yourself or those she's become attached to.

I'm really REALLY liking this series. It's moody and dangerous and I want to see how things play out.

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