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Haunted Blade by J.C. Daniels [Review]

 Haunted Blade by J.C. Daniels
Haunted Blade (Colbana Files #6) by J.C. Daniels
Format: ebook
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Date read: September 10, 2017

Colbana Files
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0.6. Bladed Magic
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2. Night Blade
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6. Haunted BladeKindle

J.C. Daniels
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Haunted, Hunted…and harassed.

Never let it be said that Kit Colbana had ever been given the easy road. Or even the semi-paved road. Only weeks after dealing with the mysterious—and murderous—being called Puck, she’s got another killer on her hands. Perhaps even two.

Some of the bodies turning up bring up haunting memories of a past she longs to forget, but as always, that past is chasing her at her heels, like a hated shadow.

As the body count racks up, there’s an imbalance of power, particularly among the vampire population, and Kit must yet again deal with ugly memories as one of the monsters who tried to break her is set free to deal with the imbalance of power. Yet while a power struggle rages in East Orlando, there’s another, more subtle battle taking place and Kit feels like the center of it all.

Arrogant? Maybe. But the dead bodies don’t bear the mark of her grandmother’s pet killer by sheer coincidence…and she doubts her nemesis being released is either.
Thoughts on Haunted Blade: Diving back into Kit's world reminded me how very much I enjoy her particular brand of crazy and I ended up picking up book 1 and rereading the whole shebang from the beginning. It was wild. It was intense. It broke my heart a little.

Through it all, it kept me completely enraptured.

This book gives us a deeper look into the vampire houses and Kit's past. As usual, things are just as insanely intense and bloody as any situation Kit finds herself in. Beyond all that, Kit's been told repeatedly that she's no longer alone as she fights against the things out there and I think it's finally starting to sink in. She's not alone. Not only does she have Damon and the cats, but she's helped so many others over the years that she has a virtual army willing to stand beside her if she needed them.

Given where she came from and what she had to go through to survive, this is huge for her.

This series kills me. In the best possible way, mind you. Kit and Damon fight and push and love hard enough to move mountains. Kit's place in the world might be one she clawed out by grit and sheer determination, but she has allies and a family by choice now who would do anything for her. All things considered, I think she's going to need all the help she can get down the road because she never takes the easy path when the lives of innocents are on the line.

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