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Pucked Over by Helen Hunting [Review]

 Pucked Over by Helena Hunting
Pucked Over (Pucked #3) by Helena Hunting
Format: ebook
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Date read: March 11, 2017

1. Pucked
2. Pucked Up
3. Pucked OverPaperback | Kindle
4. Forever Pucked
4.5. Pucked Under
5. Pucked Off
5.5. Get Inked

Helena Hunting
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lily LeBlanc isn’t versed in the art of casual sex, but after seven years in an on-again, off-again relationship, she’s definitely willing to give it a shot. And who better to try it with than her best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend? What could possibly go wrong? Nothing at all.

NHL player, Randy Ballistic, lives up to his last name on the ice and in the bedroom. His best friend and teammate has recently given up the puck bunnies and traded them in for a real girlfriend. And she just happens to have a seriously feisty, extra-hot best friend on the rebound. Randy’s more than happy to be Lily’s spring board back into the dating scene.

Casual sex is only casual until those pesky things called emotions get involved. Once that happens, someone’s bound to gets pucked over.
Thoughts on Pucked Over: I am SO AMUSED by this series. It's over the top and charmingly vulgar (VIOLET, I'M LOOKING AT YOU!) and it makes me giggle. Lily's utter preoccupation with Randy and his tattooed hand was perfect. She might not be as outspoken as Violet, but she's not afraid to speak her mind when she's around her hunk of burning love.

As for Randy, he has a hang-up or two that makes things a little bumpy between him and Lily. Heh. By that, I mean he has a few issues. His father being one of them. There's also another not-so-little thing that Lily needs to deal with before Randy can be 100% comfortable with her.

(As an aside, I never know how I'm going to feel about former man-whores being the hero. But Randy worked. He had reasons for being the way he was and it made sense.)

If spontaneous Os and tattoos are you thing, you'll enjoy spending time with Lily and Randy. They're both a little messed up (in different ways) and they need to figure themselves out in order to work as a couple. And I liked them!

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