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Ruin You by Molly O'Keefe [Review]

 Ruin You by Molly O'Keefe
Ruin You (The Debt #3) by Molly O'Keefe
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: November 8, 2017

The Debt
0.5. The Debt
1. Lost Without You
2. Where I Belong
3. Ruin You - PaperbackKindle

Molly O'Keefe
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Synopsis (Goodreads):

The only thing that stands in the way of my revenge is her.

The lying scheming daughter of the man who killed my parents. She has the secrets I need to bring down her father.

And I’ll do anything to get them. I will lie to her. Steal from her. Use her.
Ruin her.

It helps that our chemistry is explosive.

What I’m not expecting is for her to be so sweet. And so strong.



After so many years of lying and hiding, I finally have a place to call home. With people I can call a family. The Paintbrush Inn is my life now, and I won’t let anyone ruin it.

When sexy and world-weary Simon checks in to the Inn, I never expect him to glance my way. I’ve spent my whole life blending into the background. Being overlooked and ignored. It’s been helpful, even though it’s lonely. And he’s way out of my league.

But our attraction is powerful. Undeniable.


Because I can’t let anyone close. If the secrets I keep were to be revealed, my whole life would be destroyed. But something about Simon makes me break all my own rules. I’m letting him in to my home, my body, my life, never expecting he has his own secrets.

His own lies.

When the truth comes out, we’ll both be ruined.
Thoughts on Ruin You: Okay, give me a minute here. This might get messy. Just go with it. Simon's debt has been called in and he's on his way to do something illegal, but not as terrible as, you know, killing someone. Even if it was in self-defense.

Anyway. Simon. He's a hot ball of rage and vengeance. His hatred keeps him poking at the man who killed his parents and suddenly he's being handed the keys to the kingdom and he's ALL SORTS OF CONFLICTED ABOUT IT. At least he is once he gets to know Penny and sees how very different she is from her father.

But a debt is a debt and Simon can't afford to cross Bates. Not when it finally gets him what he's been working toward since he was seventeen.

Meanwhile, Penny is just a hot mess. She's one of those people who self-sabotages and she knows getting involved with Simon isn't going to end well, but...she does it anyway. And when things do seem to be working out, she starts dreaming of bigger and better things. Which isn't such a great idea when the two people involved are both lying left and right.

I'm just going to say that as much as their personas were based on lies, they gave each other a lot of truth along the way. You could see them barreling toward a crash of epic proportions and you just knew it was going to be bad.

We get a little more insight into what motivates Bates and his deal with the kids. Carissa...well, I'm not sure about her. Bates has his reasons for doing what he did, but hers are still shrouded in mystery. Rosa's story is up next and since she's been out of the picture since THE NIGHT, I'm not sure how she fits in yet. Time will tell.

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