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The Demon Prince by Ann Aguirrre [Review]

 The Demon Prince by Ann Aguirre
The Demon Prince (Ars Numina #2) by Ann Aguirre
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: March 24, 2017

Ars Numina
1. The Leopard King
2. The Demon PrinceKindle
3. The Wolf Lord
4. The Shadow Warrior
5. The War Priest
6. The Jaguar Knight

Ann Aguirre
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Charming. Irreverent. Haunted.
Alastor Vega is the sole challenger in a brutal battle for succession. Against all odds, he must stop his power-mad brother, Tycho, before he destroys the Numina. Though he never wanted to rule, he must claim the throne and liberate his people, or the consequences will be calamitous. Yet only the surprising support of a beautiful Animari doctor gives him the fortitude to fight.

Focused. Analytical. Solitary.
Dr. Sheyla Halek has always been more interested in research than personal contact, but family ties—and the needs of her pride—keep her in Ash Valley, deferring her dreams. Brusque and abrasive at the best of times, she never expected to bond with anyone, let alone Golgoth royalty. Strangely, Alastor seems to need her as no one has before, and not only for her medical skills.

Their attraction is forbidden, likely doomed beyond the wildness of wartime, but these fires burn too hot and sweet to be contained…
Thoughts on The Demon Prince: Oh my goodness, I liked the different sides of Alastor. His lifelong illnesses have given him a unique outlook and he surprises Sheyla at every turn. He can be equal parts kind and charming, yet he also understand the sacrifices he'll have to make to remove Tycho from power. He knows he's going to war against his own people and it eats at him.

But he also sees that the alternative could destroy all of Numina and he's unwilling to take the easy path when so many live are stake.

Then we have Sheyla. She's so focused she's considered a medicine machine by some of her colleagues. She's not great with social interactions and she accidentally crosses a few lines with Alastor before she's aware of what she's doing. Since those lines lead to some sexy, sexy times, it worked out in the end.

This world is big and multi-layered, skating on the edge of war and heartache with a cast of secondary characters as intriguing as our hero and heroine. I'm itching to see where the next book takes us. Itching for it.

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