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Hold On Tight by Katie Michaels [Review]

 Hold on Tight by Katie Michaels
Hold On Tight (A Lot Like Love #3) by Katie Michaels
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: April 14, 2017

A Lot Like Love
1. Feels Like Forever
2. Never Let Go 
3. Hold On TightKindle

Katie Michaels
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Preeti Basu has always been able to get any guy she wants. After an attack threatens to shatter the confidence that defines her, she sets her sights on the man who saved her from her nightmare. But seduction is much harder when her target is more interested in getting into her heart than her pants.

Marcus Hunter is a gentleman of the first order with old fashioned values and the heart of a romantic. A heart still mending from a recent break-up and a crash that made a wheelchair part of his life forever. The last thing he expects is to fall again so soon, but some fires burn too hot to be denied.

And sometimes, the nice guy really can get the girl.
Thoughts on Hold On Tight: It's Marcus's book! *cheers* MARCUS! *cheers some more*

Can you tell I like Marcus? BECAUSE I DO. Not only is he a gentleman with the ladies (and I don't mean that in a skeevy way), he's also overcome the limitations the car crash that killed his friends placed on him. He didn't let his injury slow him down even though it ended his football dreams. If anything, I'd say he's channeling what he's had to overcome to potentially help others down the road.

*cheers even more*

So, yeah. Marcus. He's a sweetheart. While he was smitten with Evelyn, Preeti was quietly falling for him. Honestly, while I don't think Marcus was IN LOVE with Evelyn, mentally switching gears and realizing the other woman in the room might be perfect for you takes a moment. And, yeah, Marcus kinda stumbles when Preeti makes her feelings known.

Meanwhile, Preeti is dealing with her feelings for Marcus, her slight jealousy toward Evelyn for being the one he's looked at, and her kinda messed up roommate. She's got a lot going on. Throw in a sisterly visit that doesn't go as planned (yikes) and her own mess of unresolved issues from the attack on her in the last book and Preeti definitely has to work on finding her balance.

No worries, though. Marcus is there to lend her a helping hand or two. Because he's a total sweetie.

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