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Vanessa Unveiled by Jodi Redford [Review]

 Vanessa Unveiled by Jodi Redford
Vanessa Unveiled by Jodi Redford
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: April 18, 2017

Jodi Redford
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Resisting two magical mischief makers definitely wasn’t in the job description.

Vanessa Darby, a bounty hunter and tracker for the Veil Alliance League, figures things can’t get any crappier than her car breaking down on a deserted highway. Until the two dimension-hopping renegades she’s been assigned to capture lure her to their magical love nest in the woods and entangle her in a web of seduction.

How the hell is she supposed to resist a pair of gorgeous male pookas who possess a wicked talent for bringing the sexy?

Rand and Braeden have searched more than three centuries for their one true bond mate. Now that Vanessa’s been dropped into their arms, they have no intention of giving her up. Even if it means agreeing to her terms: If they can’t persuade her within forty-eight hours that the three of them belong together, they’ll give themselves over to the authorities. But convincing a woman who doesn’t believe in love, or the concept of forever, is no easy feat. Particularly with one doozy of a dirty secret from their past waiting to trip them up.

Warning: Two hotter-than-should-be-legal pookas sexin’ it up with each other and the stubborn woman they love. One magical hotel in the woods that isn’t exactly what it seems. And a unicorn who will forever tarnish the image of the species.
Thoughts on Vanessa Unveiled: You had me at the pervy unicorn, Redford. Gus was everything I expected and MORE! So much more. Heh.

(Despite what he probably thinks, this is NOT Gus's story. It's Braeden's and Rand's and Vanessa's. REALLY, GUS. It is.)

Rand and Braeden, a pair of mated pookas. And Vanessa, their human lady love. They're dirty talkin' men who have no problem telling Vanessa what they want from her. She's the woman who has to deal with a WHOLE lot of baggage before she can even get close to believing they're offering her forever.

The pookas bring out the big guns and double team her with naughty times, sexy times, and sweet times to show her what lengths they're willing to go to for the woman of their dreams. Until, you know, that dirty secret trips them up. Then there's not so much lovin'. Which is bad situation for everyone involved.

Snark and steam and a pervy unicorn. *fist pump*

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