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Hunted by the Dragon Duke by Mina Carter [Review]

 Hunted by the Dragon Duke by Mina Carter
Hunted by the Dragon Duke (Council of Black Dragons #2) by Mina Carter
Format: ebook
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Date read: April 27, 2017

Council of Black Dragons
1. Dragon Her Feet
2. Hunted by the Dragon DukeKindle
3. The Dragon Queen's Fake Fiance
3.5. The Dragon Queen's Christmas Wedding

Mina Carter
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Sexy, royal and one of the ferocious black dragons… he’s way out of her league.

Orphaned and forced to live under the cruel eye of her stepmother, Saskia spends her days and most of her nights sewing gowns for rich dragonesses to wear to balls she will never see. When a chance encounter brings her into contact with the handsome Callan, Duke and cousin to the Queen, she thinks nothing of it. After all, what royal duke would want a woman with a broken, mad dragon?

But when the otherworldly intervenes, Saskia gets her chance to go to the ball, and dance with the man of her dreams…

Tiny, delicate and utterly beautiful… but where has he seen her before?

A royal duke by birth, and a black, Callan’s life has been dictated since the moment he was born. Ordered by his cousin, the queen, to pick a bride at the ball or she’ll pick for him, he’s between a rock and a hard place. Until he sees her. The tiny woman in the purple gown runs him a merry chase over the ballroom but one look and he’s determined. She will be his.

And she is, for the briefest of moments before his duty intervenes and he has to return a wayward youth to his father before he gets himself into a lifetime of trouble. When he returns his delicate princess is gone, leaving behind a single shoe…

Furious, Callan launches a hunt for his love…one that leads to a woman who is not who she pretends to be, a raid on a brothel and a fight with a troll. Can he persuade his delicate princess she’s not broken, but that she’s the perfect dragoness for him?
Thoughts on Hunted by the Dragon Duke: Oh, I liked this one. Cinderella with dragon-shifters. Yesssss. Complete with a wicked stepmother and a driven duke and a shoe left behind for him to find her by.

MAN, I like dragons. They're ruthless and focused and they definitely go after what they want when they see it. The first time they meet, Callan might not have realized what Saskia was to him, but he figured it out soon enough. But by that point Saskia is already on the run and in some deep water with her "family."

Driven dragons, a mistreated girl, and a stepmother with zero redeeming qualities. I'm all in!

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