Saturday, January 13, 2018

Spotlight On...Beyond HEA by Kit Rocha

The Beyond series is one of my favorites and I was THRILLED when I saw we were going to get little outtakes and slices of life for our favorite couples. While these stories were written for Kit Rocha's Patreon backers, they're now being released into the wild. One a month. HOW FANTASTIC!

Sexy and smokin' hot, I'm IN LOVE with the first of the Beyond HEAs.

Creative Incentives (Beyond HEA)
Caution: this story is not meant to stand alone. The Beyond Happily Ever After stories are vignettes and outtakes showing the O'Kanes in their daily lives, in between the adventures and often after their happy endings. These stories were written exclusively for readers and fans of the series, and will probably not make very much sense to anyone not familiar with the characters.

Creative Incentives: July 2017 Patreon Reward Story. This story is a short vignette voted on by our Patreon supporters. In it, Cruz figures out some creative ways to convince Ace to keep up with the physical therapy that is restoring his strength after his injuries in Beyond Surrender. It's short, it's filthy, and it's a lot of fun. (Note: Patreon stories are exclusive to subscribers for the first six months. After that, they'll be available to download free on our website.)
Kit Rocha
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