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Stolen Princess by Alexa Riley [Review]

 Stolen Princess by Alexa Riley
Stolen Princess (Princess #2) by Alexa Riley
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: April 19, 2017

1. His Princess
2. Stolen PrincessKindle
3. Claimed Princess
4. Forbidden Princess
5. Unexpected Princess

Alexa Riley
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Karim is past the time when he should have chosen a bride, but he never met anyone who caught his eye. Forced to choose, he holds a ball and invites all eligible princesses to attend. And that’s when everything changes.

Giselle’s been tucked away on her father’s land and doesn’t know how the royal world works. It’s her first party, and it’s going terribly until she finds herself alone in a room with a man. A man who wants to make her his.

When Giselle gives him everything and then discovers who he is…well, how good do you think she’ll be at hide and seek?

Warning: It’s instalove at first sight. Literally, like two seconds in. But don’t worry, Karim will find her…and steal her if he has to.
Thoughts on Stolen Princess: I was right. This series is pure, cracktastic goodness. Instalove, instalust, and instabossy king dude. I AM SO SMITTEN WITH IT ALL.

Okay, so, just so we're clear, these stories move crazy fast. CRAZY fast. And I can't get enough of them. Even when the H and h are going at it like animals mere moments after meeting, it just adds to the charm. I mean, who HASN'T dreamed of an illicit, naughty encounter in the library with a bossy king every so often? NO ONE, THAT'S WHO!

Karim and Giselle certainly don't let a little thing like modern societal conventions slow them down. Well, that first time at least. They had a definite "see, want, have" thing going on. And they acted on it. Then nerves and her gentle soul got the best of Giselle and she ran. Which, naturally, gives her chosen dude a reason to hunt her down.

CRACKTASTIC. I'm ready for the next book!

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