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Marked by the Vampire by Cynthia Eden [Review]

 Marked by the Vampire by Cynthia Eden
Marked by the Vampire (Purgatory #2) by Cynthia Eden
Format: ebook
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Date read: May 12, 2017

1. The Beast Within
2. Marked by the VampirePaperback | Kindle
3. Charming the Beast
4. Deal with the Devil

Cynthia Eden
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Vampires exist. So do werewolves. The creatures that you fear in the darkness? They’re all real. And the baddest of the paranormals…those who love to hurt humans…they’re sent to Purgatory, the only paranormal prison in the U.S.

His job is to stop the monsters.

Deadly forces are at work within Purgatory. The monsters are joining together—and their plans have to be stopped. FBI Agent Shane August, a very powerful vampire with a dark past, is sent into the prison on an undercover assignment. His job is to infiltrate the vampire clan, by any means necessary.

She wants to help the prisoners.

Dr. Olivia Maddox wants to find out just why certain paranormals go bad. What pushes some vampires over the edge? Why do some werewolves turn so savage? If she can understand the monsters, then Olivia thinks she can help them. When she gets permission to enter Purgatory, Olivia believes she is being given the research opportunity of a lifetime.

Olivia doesn't realize that she’s walking straight into hell.

To survive, they have to rely on each other.

When the prisoners break loose, there is only one person—one vampire—who can protect her, but as Olivia and Shane fight the enemies that surround them, a dark and dangerous passion stirs to life between the doctor and the vamp. Shane realizes that Olivia is a woman carrying secrets—powerful, sinful secrets. Secrets that a man would kill to possess.

And Olivia realizes that—sometimes—you can’t control the beast inside of you. No matter how hard you try. Some passions can push you to the very limits of your control…and the growing lust that she feels for her vampire…it’s sending her racing right into a deadly storm of desire.

Welcome to Purgatory…a place that’s a real hell on earth…
Thoughts on Marked by the Vampire: It's a dark, dangerous world these paras live in. Throwing the baddest of the bad into one confined space looks like a recipe for disaster. Sending Olivia into the heart of it looks like it will make a bad situation even worse. Especially once Shane catches her scent and will do anything to keep her safe.

Except, Olivia isn't as defenseless as she looks. She might not be able to physically match the vampires and werewolves in Purgatory, but she has her own set of strengths that keep her moving forward. Plus, Shane. He's kind of instrumental in keeping her safe.

Still, once Olivia unlocks her hidden side, she's more than a match for those who come up against her.

If only a hidden faction within the paras wasn't trying to use her for their own gain. Heck, there are a slew of different sides looking to tap into Olivia's skills. Honestly, she doesn't have a whole lot of people she can trust. And sometimes the people she thinks she CAN trust are exactly the ones she shouldn't be.

Paranormal worlds are tricky like that, aren't they?

Dark, dangerous, and sexy all rolled into one. I like.

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