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Through Uncharted Space by Anna Hackett [Review]

 Through Uncharted Space by Anna Hackett
Through Uncharted Space (The Phoenix Adventures #10) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: May 11, 2017

The Phoenix Adventures
0. Among Galactic Ruins
1. At Star's End
2. In the Devil's Nebula
3. On a Rogue Planet
3.5. Beneath a Trojan Moon
4. Beyond Galaxy's Edge
4.5. On a Cyborg Planet
5. Return to Dark Earth
6. On a Barbarian World
7. Lost in Barbarian Space
8. Through Uncharted SpaceKindle
9. Crashed on an Ice World

Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
A deep-space convoy master who demands everyone follow his rules...and the stowaway scam artist who’s never met a rule she wouldn’t break.

Dare Phoenix runs his convoy with absolute control. In uncharted space, lives depend on it. When one plain, dowdy woman comes aboard, his gut tells him that something is off about her. Soon there are assassins on his ship, sabotage, and people dying, and Dare discovers his drab passenger is definitely not what she seems. Instead, he uncovers a smart-mouthed scam artist who defies him at every turn.

Dakota Jones is a survivor. Life has taught her that if you don’t grab what you want, someone else will snatch it away. Tired of having nothing, she’s stolen a map to the location of an immense lost treasure from Earth and she’s going to find it. Okay, so maybe stealing the map from a deadly terrorist group wasn’t her best decision, but now she just needs to dodge their crazy followers, hide out on the Phoenix Convoy, and find a way to decode the map. Easy, right? Wrong. As soon as she sets eyes on the sexy, in-charge Dare Phoenix, she knows she’s made a terrible mistake.

Dare and Dakota strike sparks at every turn…but with her life in danger, she reluctantly agrees to join forces with Dare to find the treasure. But every step of their adventure is dogged by danger, and the biggest threat they face is getting burned by their incendiary attraction. On this hunt, they will find themselves going beyond their depths, tested to their limits, and deep in uncharted territory.
Thoughts on Through Uncharted Space: I have two things to say here. Thing 1: DARE! Those Phoenix men are something else, aren't they? Thing 2: I can't believe I'm almost completely caught up on the series now. Do I smell a reread in the near future? MAYBE I DO.

But enough about me. Let's talk about Dare and Dakota. Mr. Likes to be in Control vs Miss Has a Few Trust Issues. THEY'RE FUN. Seriously. Dare runs a tight ship. Kinda literally. Dakota is a wildcat looking to find the thing that will make her life a little easier. Honestly, she's had a pretty rough life. Between her hard-scrabble beginning and the betrayals she's met up with along the way, she kinda does deserve a break.

Only, as it turns out, the break isn't treasure so much as crossing paths with Dare and his convoy. Because once Dare sees the woman under the mask she wears, he's willing to go all in for her. He might make a few mistakes along the way, but he's intrigued by her. And when a Phoenix gets intrigued, it's going to be a wild ride.

Those Phoenix men, man. I LIKE 'EM!

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