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Total Bravery by Piper J. Drake [Review]

 Total Bravery by Piper J. Drake
Total Bravery (True Heroes #4) by Piper J. Drake
Format: ebook
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Date read: April 2, 2018

True Heroes
1. Extreme Honor
2. Ultimate Courage
3. Absolute Trust
3.5. Winter Valor
4. Total Bravery - Paperback | Kindle

Piper J. Drake
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
True heroes will do anything to protect the women they love...

As the newest recruit at Search and Protect, Raul has a lot to prove. Luckily, he's got the best friend and partner a man could ask for: a highly trained, fiercely loyal German Shepherd Dog named Taz. Together, Raul and Taz make an unbeatable team. But their first mission in Hawaii really puts them to the test when an international kidnapping ring sets its sights on the bravest woman Raul's ever met . . .

Mali knows her latest job has put one hell of a target on her back. And on this small island paradise, there's nowhere to hide. With a service dog like Taz, Mali feels safe. Sharing close quarters with a smoldering muscle-for-hire like Raul, she feels something else - an unexpected wave of desire. Raul feels it too. But when the kidnappers make their move, he's got to turn that slow-burning passion into hard-hitting action - and save the life of the woman he loves.
Thoughts on Total Bravery: Danger in paradise, the best friend's little sister, and a couple of smart, well-trained dogs. YES, I'm still loving this series. (Seriously, the best friend's little sister thing works for me. Especially since Raul is both a gentleman about their attraction and completely set on letting things happen despite big sister's disapproval. Because, you know, Mali isn't a child and can make her own choices despite what her sister thinks.)

But let's get back to the danger. Given the job she's working on, Mali intellectually understands that she could be in danger. It isn't until things go south on her and her group that she really understands what danger is. Fortunately for her, she has someone to turn to when things get rough. That someone might not be the person she initially sought out, but Raul turns out to be the best person for the job. (I'm simplifying here. It's Raul and the team and Mali's sister, but you get the point.)

We've got the danger. We have some simmering attraction. We have a sister who has to come to grips with the fact Mali isn't a kid anymore. We have family dynamics and a man who's trying to find his place in things now that he's not in the military anymore. And the dogs. The smart, capable dogs who will protect their charges and do what needs to be done to get their partner out of danger.

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