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Mastering the Mistress by Evangeline Anderson [Review]

 Mastering the Mistress by Evangeline Anderson
Mastering the Mistress (Brides of the Kindred #14.5) by Evangeline Anderson
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Date read: January 2, 2017

Brides of the Kindred
1. Claimed
2. Hunted
3. Sought
4. Found
5. Revealed
6. Pursued
7. Exiled
8. Shadowed
9. Chained
10. Divided
11. Devoured
12. Enhanced
13. Cursed
14. Enslaved
14.5. Mastering the MistressKindle
15. Targeted
16. Forgotten
17. Switched

Evangeline Anderson
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Get ready for a sexy Power Struggle...

A warrior who has vowed never to take a bride
Bought by a girl who needs a body slave...but has no idea what to do with him
Will Kaylee be able to tame the huge Havoc she bought at the Flesh Bazaar?
Or will Solar turn the tables and end up...Mastering the Mistress?

Solar M'Tex is a Havoc--a race of males who have sworn never to bond themselves to a female. So the idea of serving or loving any woman, no matter how beautiful, is foreign to him. But when he gets captured and sold at the Flesh Bazaar, he has no say in who buys him. Before he knows it he is the exclusive property of Kaylee, a lush little female from Yonnie Six who wants her own personal body slave.

Kaylee is new to Yonnie Six high society. She didn't even know she needed a body slave until her new friend Lyla told her. But when Lyla talks her into buying the huge, muscular Havoc, she doesn't know what to do with him--or have any idea how she's going to master him.

Soon they're in Kaylee's new dungeon with all the equipment a Mistress could need to tame a new slave. Kaylee does her best but when Solar gets free of his restraints, the tables are turned. Will she escape from the male she dared to try and master...or will Solar end up Mastering the Mistress?
Thoughts on Mastering the Mistress: The Brides of the Kindred books are always a sure-fire way to put a smile on my face. Because I enjoy those hunky alien dudes and their domineering ways!

To say Solar is domineering wouldn't be a lie. He's anything but submissive and only the drugs the slavers have given him keeps him in line. Kaylee is NOT prepared for a big, brawny body slave in the slightest. She's only looking for one at the guidance of her "friend" and things go sideways from there.

Also, Lyla is a jerk.

Buuuut, Solar and Kaylee do end up connecting (heh. Connecting. Is that what kids are calling to these days?) and something good does come out of the debacle. Also, Lyla is still a jerk.

I like Solar. I like how utterly set he is on NOT bonding to a female. Until he meets Kaylee and she burrows under his skin. GOOD TIMES.

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