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Cashing Out by S.M. Reine [Review]

 Cashing Out by S.M. Reine
Cashing Out (Dana McIntyre Must Die #3) by S.M. Reine
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: August 17, 2017

Dana McIntyre Must Die
1. Drawing Dead
2. Kill Game
3. Cashing OutPaperback | Kindle
4. Suicide Queen

S.M. Reine
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
With the previous master vampire out of the way, and Dana McIntyre presumed dead, there's nothing standing between Nissa Royal and her vision for Las Vegas: a city of vampires where humans serve as no more than cattle.

Except that someone keeps killing the vampires who are sweeping the streets for victims. A mysterious killer that nobody can seem to find. Someone bent on stopping Nissa...

Police Chief Charmaine Villanueva is losing control of her city to the Office of Preternatural Affairs. She hopes to appease them with a preliminary cure for vampirism--her last shot at reassuring them that she can keep her citizens safe. Except someone has broken into Holy Nights Cathedral to steal the Garlic Shot, even though the church should be impossible to burgle. She can only think of one person with the ability to steal from the cathedral. But Dana McIntyre's been dead for hours. Hasn't she?

Torn between OPA control and vampire control, Las Vegas is a city on the brink of war missing its guardian angel. It's a high stakes game with no limit. But the house isn't letting any of its players cash out yet...not when the game is just getting hot.
Thoughts on Cashing Out: HA! Things just keep barreling forward when Dana's at the wheel. Things like the vampires planning to cement their status as the city's top predators and OPA moving in to drop the hammer on...well, everyone. Plus, vamps are turning up dead in the sewers and Dana McIntyre has crossed the line between being a blood virgin and a full-on vamp.

Good times.

We get some resolution to a sticky issue Dana's been dealing with since the beginning. We get to see the garlic shot in action in more than one way. We get Dana being Dana and all the glorious bloodshed that goes along with that.

And we get some losses. Which...*sad face*

BUT...that balances out with the beauty that is Cesar Hawke. His prettiness is very distracting, it would seem. Also, I like that guy. Even though he's OPA. Oh, and I got a chuckle out of his throwaway "crotchfruit" line. Because Cesar is nothing if not charmingly blunt and his lack of a filter is always cause for amusement.

In the end, there's still danger lurking around Vegas and Dana is left in a rough situation. One more book to go. Let's see if she can save herself and her relationship and her friends and thwart the machinations of the bad guys without taking out half the city in the process. (I'm not holding my breath on that last part.)

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