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Seduced by Fire by Erin Kellison [Review]

 Seduced by Fire by Erin Kellison
Seduced by Fire (Dragons of Bloodfire #3) by Erin Kellison
Format: ebook
Source: provided for review
Date read: August 4, 2017

Dragons of Bloodfire
1. Tempted by Fire
2. Awakened by Fire
2.5. Until Dawn
3. Seduced by FireKindle

Erin Kellison
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Dragon shifter Ryder Magnus is living a lie. In order to search for lost and forgotten treasure, he lives secretly among humans, posing as a professor of antiquities. When his cover is blown—in front of a classroom of students, no less—he is determined to find the Bloodkin responsible and make them pay.

Bloodkin Aura Ortiz is in a race against time. She must find the powerful Bastard’s Eye before it falls into the wrong hands. When a viral video surfaces of Ryder, smoking with anger and on the verge of a shift, she can’t believe her luck. No one hunts treasure better than he does. If he won’t do it for friendship—that had gone up in flames years ago—will he do it for vengeance?

Aura gets under Ryder’s skin like no other woman—she always has. Their collaboration re-ignites old passions and sets Ryder on a hunt of his own…Aura herself.

As they delve deeper into darkness, their adversaries multiply. Knowing whom to trust is the difference between life and death. Can they put the past behind them and blaze a trail through danger to forge a future together?
Thoughts on Seduced by Fire: Hoo-BOY! I'd forgotten just how SMOKIN' HOT these dragons were. Yes, pun intended. Oh, hush. It had to be said. Once I get it out of my system the review flows better. (HA! Who am I kidding? I plan on punning my way through this and all other reviews in the foreseeable future. *finger guns everyone*)

Speaking of foreseeable things--actually, speaking of past things. Hold up. Let me start over. I'd forgotten about the problems Samantha caused for Ryder when she tripped through time in the last book. Considering he was pretending to be a human and keeping his draconic abilities hidden, this causes a wealth of problems for him. Namely, he can no longer teach and he could lose the friendship of the people he's surrounded himself with over the years. Which, needless to say, does not make him a very happy dragon.

And unhappy dragons have a tendency to cause fiery problems. Especially when the person he blames trips up to his door to present him with yet another layer of issues he needs to work through.

Sexual tension, man. It tangles up everything.

Eventually things get straightened out (more or less) and Ryder, Aura, and a rather unlikely support crew set out to find some treasure. Treasure with other interested parties after it. Treasure that REALLY can't fall into the wrong hands.

Solid story, steamy sexy times (literally, at one point), and a nice resolution to an old problem. These dragons might be old and sometimes cranky, but they're slowly moving into the future. Sometimes it just takes a really big push to get that forward momentum going.

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