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Tempest by Anna Hackett [Review]

 Tempest by Anna Hackett
Tempest (Warriors of the Wind #1) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: August 2, 2017

Warriors of the Wind
1. Tempest - Kindle
2. Storm & Seduction
3. Fury & Darkness

Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
One of five brothers granted the power of the wind, Lorenzo Venti is Keeper of the Winds. A loner at heart, he's fine that his duty to keep the evil Tempest Winds trapped on their island prison, keeps him isolated and alone. After seeing his father murdered by the Winds, he's made an oath to keep them locked away. Besides, he prefers his work with his horses to annoying people anyway. But his powerful foes are rising, and when one infuriating, tempting woman arrives on his island, she threatens everything...

Bright, vivacious horse trainer Riley Donovan is drawn to big, brooding loner Lorenzo, and she's planning to chase down the stubborn man once and for all. She knows he has demons, and it makes her own powers stir--powers she vowed never to use again when her mother was killed. But as their scorching attraction explodes, they find themselves in the center of a dangerous tempest...and now the fates of both their world and their hearts hang in the balance.
Thoughts on Tempest: Hello to the sexy, Italian hunk--one of FIVE sexy, Italian hunks, might I add--who's met his match in the lady who gets under his skin in the best way. The fact he has control over the winds and a duty to keep a deadly evil from getting loose on the world only adds to the tension. Especially once Riley admits she has power of her own.

To be fair, it takes a while before Mr. Broody McBroodypants loosens up enough to actually see how well they fit together. Okay, fine. It doesn't take that long. He's just so used to doing things on his own, he has a hard time letting Riley in. Then he does and they SIZZLE.

Just to keep things interesting, there are some dangerous goings on that put Lorenzo, Riley, and the other Venti brothers in a tough situation. A little intrigue regarding the women they should be hooking up with (my words, not theirs) throw another wrench in the...err, I dunno. What do you throw a wrench into to mess things up? Let's just say it adds another layer to what they're already dealing with and leave it at that.

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