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Nailed by Brill Harper [Review]

 Nailed by Brill Harper
Nailed (Blue Collar Bad Boys #2) by Brill Harper
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: September 5, 2017

Blue Collar Bad Boys
1. Bounced
2. NailedKindle
3. Drilled
4. Wrecked

Brill Harper
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
I’m not the kind of guy you leave alone in your house. I’m especially not the kind you leave alone with your innocent daughter.

My newest client doesn’t seem to care. He just wants his office remodeled. His college-aged daughter isn’t my usual type, but under those prim clothes and too big glasses, the sweet little bookworm hides a tight little body that’s tempting AF.
I make her nervous. I should.
I’m going to make her mine.
She doesn’t know about men yet… She’s about to learn.

Dad’s carpenter makes me feel things I don’t understand. I don’t have any experience with older guys like him, or any guys really. They look at me and see a quiet nerd. But this bad boy—I feel like he sees right through me. Like he knows the dirty fantasies that haunt my dreams. The things I do under the covers. He makes me needy and breathless. But I’m shy and awkward—what do I have to offer a man like him?

Author’s Confession: This book is super sweet, unfailingly filthy, and the heroine is nerdilicious. And who doesn’t love a bad boy who’s good with his hands? Very good with his hands. Very, very good.
Thoughts on Nailed: I have to admit that these characters are over the top in their growly possessiveness and I'm ALL OVER THAT. Seriously, I like how cracktastic the entire scenario is and how a virginal, sweet heroine can immediately capture the attention and protectiveness of a fantastically alpha dude.

I won't apologize for it, either. I just LIKE these guys and their special brand of crazy. Especially since once they commit they go all in. Sometimes literally. (Oh, gawd. I'm laughing now.)

Anywho. Brody and Megan. He's the sexy, protective carpenter. She's the socially awkward, nerdy college girl who's never been all that interested in dudes. Until, you know, she meets Brody and her engine starts revving. I know I should probably go for a woodworking metaphor there, but...he's really turns her on and that revving engine thing is SUPER accurate.

In the end, the story was over the top, sexy, and sweet. All the things I like.

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