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Dance with the Devil by Kit Rocha [Review]

Dance with the Devil (Mercenary Librarians #3) by Kit Rocha
Format: ebook
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Date read: July 8, 2022

Mercenary Librarians
1. Deal with the Devil
2. The Devil You Know
3. Dance with the Devil - Paperback | Kindle

Kit Rocha
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Tobias Richter, the fearsome VP of Security of TechCorp is dead. The puppetmaster is gone, and the organization is scrambling to maintain control by ruthlessly limiting access to resources to Atlanta, hoping to quell rebellion. Our band of mercenary librarians have decided that the time for revolution has come.

Maya uses her wealth of secrets to weaken the TechCorps from within. Dani strikes from the shadows, picking off the chain of command one ambush at a time. And Nina is organizing their community—not just to survive, but to fight back. When Maya needs to make contact with a sympathetic insider, Dani and Rafe are the only ones with the skill-set and experience to infiltrate the highest levels of the TechCorps. They'll go deep undercover in the decadent, luxury-soaked penthouses on the Hill.

Bringing Dani face-to-face with the man who turned her into a killer. And forcing Rafe to decide how far he'll go to protect both of his families—the one he was born to, and the one he made for himself.

Victory will break the back of Power. Failure will destroy Atlanta.
Thoughts on Dance with the Devil: It's Dani's time to shine and our lady has A LOT going on as she tries to avoid admitting she has a bucketload of feelings for Rafe while also having to go deep undercover in what is possible one of the worst places in Atlanta with the sex-on-a-stick hottie. You might think an undercover job in the glitzy, over-the-top TechCorps inner circle wouldn't be half bad, but IT REALLY IS. From the waste to the egos to the amoral parties, it's just a whole lot of terrible.

That said, Dani does get to spend some quality time with Rafe. Rafe, who very much sees Dani for what she is and would tear down the world if she needed him to. Rafe, who knows he needs to move slow so he doesn't ruin what could be between them before it really starts. Yeah, Rafe's smart and sexy and he absolutely knows pushing Dani will only result in her never allowing him past her walls.

MEANWHILE, bad things are happening, the crew are preparing for the worst, secrets are being uncovered, there's danger around every corner, and there's a reckoning on the horizon. Nina, Knox, and the others are determined to not only survive the coming fight, but live the lives they've only dreamed of after. Which means they have a lot riding on what's coming and their determination to win is epic.

As an aside, I'm being cautiously optimistic that we'll get to see more in this world. We got Nina, Maya, and Dani's stories (along with the corresponding Devils), but there are so many more desperate to break free from the entities holding them hostage. Plus, there's Ava and Mace (and Beth!) who need to figure things out. And and and...yeah. There's a lot under the surface that can still be tapped and I'm 100% here for it.

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