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Reading the Paranormal 2017 Series Tracking

In 2013 and 2014, I co-hosted and hosted the Seriously Series reading challenge. While it didn't come back in 2015, I was personally motivated by being able to track series I was actively working on and/or planned on finishing up. So I did that. And I have to say it helped me get some of the books sitting on my bookshelves/kindle read.

For 2017, I'm going to do much the same as in 2015 & 2016. I'll track. I'll keep a running tally. I'll see what I can get read. Recap posts go up every three months to allow me to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find links to previous years/quarters.

    Series Started in 2017
    33/12 series

    • Beards & Bondage by Rebekah Weatherspoon
      • Sanctuary
    • A Beginner's Guide to Necromancy by Hailey Edwards
      • How to Save an Undead Life
    • Blank Canvas by Adriana Anders
      • By Her Touch
    • Blue Collar Bad Boys by Brill Harper
      • Bounced
      • Nailed
    • Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries by Ashley Gardner
      • The Hanover Square Affair
    • Caught Up in Love by Lauren Blakely
      • Trophy Husband
    • Charley Davidson by Darynda Jones
      • First Grave on the Right
      • Second Grave on the Left
      • Third Grave Dead Ahead
    • Cougarville by Evangeline Anderson
      • Stone Cold Fox
    • Dana McIntyre Must Die by S.M. Reine
      • Kill Game
      • Cashing Out
      • Suicide Queen
    • The Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker
      • Shadows Over Innocence
      • The Emperor's Edge
      • Dark Currents
      • Assassin's Curse
      • Deadly Games
    • Fireblood Dragons by Ruby Dixon
      • Fire in His Embrace
    • For You by Alexa Riley
      • Stay Close
      • Hold Tight
    • Gideon's Riders by Kit Rocha
      • Deacon
    • Girl Meets Duke by Tessa Dare
      • The Duchess Deal
    • Guards of Attala by Mira Maxwell
      • Her Alien Bodyguard
      • Her Alien Protector
    • Hidden Legacy by Ilona Andrews
      • White Hot
      • Wildfire
    • Holly Woods Files by Emma Hart
      • Twisted Bond
    • How to Date a Douchebag by Sara Ney
      • The Studying Hours
    • Incryptid by Seanan McGuire
      • Discount Armageddon
    • The Last Pack by Moira Rogers
      • Protecting Their Mate Part 1
      • Protecting Their Mate Part 2
      • Protecting Their Mate Part 3
    • October Daye by Seanan Mcguire
      • A Local Habitation
    • Red Planet Dragons of Tjass by Miranda Martin and Juno Wells
      • Dragon's Baby
    • Research & Desire by Katie Allen
      • Erotic Experiments
      • Natural Selection
      • Double Dose
    • Seaside by Rachel Van Dyken
      • Tear
    • Seaside Pictures by Rachel Van Dyken
      • Capture
    • Shifter Rogues by Celia Kyle
      • Wolf's Mate
    • Space Grit: The Phoenix Cycle by Ella Drake
      • The Phoenix Warrior
    • Star Guardians by Ruby Lionsdrake
      • Sagitta
      • Mikolos
      • Hierax
      • Zakota
    • #ThreeLittleLies by Sara Ney
      • Things Liars Say
      • Things Liars Hide
      • Things Liars Fake
    • The Veredian Chronicles by Regina Abel
      • Blind Fate
    • Warriors of the Wind by Anna Hackett
      • Tempest
    • Winston Brothers by Penny Reid
      • Beauty and the Mustache
      • Beard in Mind
    • Wisteria Witches by Angela Pepper
      • Wisteria Witches
                                  Series in progress

                                      Series Started before 2017
                                      15/12 series

                                      • Boys of Summer by Sierra Dean
                                        • High Heat
                                      • Call of Crows by Shelly Laurenston
                                        • The Unyielding
                                      • Colbana Files by J.C. Daniels
                                        • Haunted Blade
                                      • Dragons of Bloodfire by Erin Kellison
                                        • Seduced by Fire
                                      • Dragons of Preor by Erin Tate
                                        • Zadri
                                      • Eternal Mates by Felicity Heaton
                                        • Treasured by a Tiger
                                      • Forgotten Ages by Lindsay Buroker
                                        • Decrypted
                                      • Found by Christi Snow
                                        • Found at the Bookstore
                                      • Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon
                                        • Barbarian's Tease
                                      • A Lion's Pride by Eve Langlais
                                        • When a Beta Roars
                                        • When an Omega Snaps
                                        • When a Lioness Pounces
                                      • Original Heartbreakers by Gena Showalter
                                        • The Harder You Fall
                                        • Can't Hardly Breathe
                                        • Can't Let Go
                                      • Six Pack Ranch by Vivian Arend
                                        • Rocky Mountain Freedom
                                      • Stone Soldiers by C.E. Martin
                                        • Winters Fury
                                      • Treasure Hunter Security by Anna Hackett
                                        • Uncharted
                                      • True North by Sarina Bowen
                                        • Steadfast
                                        In progress:
                                            • Araneae Nation by Hailey Edwards
                                              • A Heart of Ice
                                              • A Cast of Shadows
                                              • A Time of Dying
                                              • A Kiss of Venom
                                              • A Breath of Winter
                                              • A Veil of Secrets
                                            • Bridgertons by Julia Quinn
                                              • Romancing Mr. Bridgerton
                                              • To Sir Phillip, With Love
                                              • When He Was Wicked
                                              • It's in His Kiss
                                              • On the Way to the Wedding
                                              • The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After
                                                • Dragon Kin by G.A. Aiken
                                                  • A Tale of Two Dragons
                                                  • Chains & Flames
                                                  • Dragon Actually
                                                  • Light My Fire
                                                  • Feel the Burn
                                                • Ivy Years by Sarina Bowen
                                                  • The Understatement of the Year
                                                  • The Shameless Hour
                                                  • The Fifteenth Minute
                                                  • Psy-Changeling by Nalini Singh
                                                    • Tangle of Need
                                                    • Heart of Obsidian
                                                    • Razorland by Ann Aguirre
                                                      • Horde
                                                      • Vanguard
                                                    • Sectors SF by Veronica Scott
                                                      • Mission to Majundar
                                                      • Trapped on Talonque

                                                                  Series rereads:
                                                                  10/11 series
                                                                    • Alien Abduction by Eve Langlais
                                                                      • Accidental Abduction
                                                                      • Intentional Abduction
                                                                      • Dual Abduction
                                                                      • Mercenary Abduction
                                                                      • Heroic Abduction
                                                                      • Holiday Abduction
                                                                      • Reader Abduction
                                                                    • Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward
                                                                      • Dark Lover
                                                                      • Lover Eternal
                                                                      • Lover Awakened
                                                                      • Lover Revealed
                                                                      • Lover Unbound
                                                                      • Lover Enshrined
                                                                      • Father Mine
                                                                      • The Story of Son
                                                                      • Lover Avenged
                                                                      • Lover Mine
                                                                      • Lover Unleashed
                                                                      • Lover Reborn
                                                                    • Castles Ever After by Tessa Dare
                                                                      • Romancing the Duke
                                                                      • Say Yes to the Marquess
                                                                      • When a Scot Ties the Knot
                                                                    • Colbana Files by J.C. Daniels
                                                                      • A Stroke of Dumb Luck
                                                                      • Bladed Magic
                                                                      • Blade Song
                                                                      • Night Blade
                                                                      • Broken Blade
                                                                      • Edged Blade
                                                                      • Misery's Way
                                                                      • Shadowed Blade
                                                                    • Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong
                                                                      • The Summoning
                                                                      • The Awakening
                                                                      • The Reckoning
                                                                      • Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1
                                                                      • Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 2
                                                                    • Demonica Underworld by Larissa Ione
                                                                      • Azagoth
                                                                    • Gemini by Hailey Edwards
                                                                      • Dead in the Water
                                                                      • Head Above Water
                                                                      • Hell or High Water
                                                                      • Fish Out of Water
                                                                    • House of Payne by Stacy Gail
                                                                      • Payne
                                                                      • Scout
                                                                      • Twist
                                                                      • Rude
                                                                      • Steele
                                                                    • Immortal Ops by Mandy M. Roth
                                                                      • Immortal Ops
                                                                    • Mackenzies & McBrides by Jennifer Ashley
                                                                      • The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie
                                                                    • Pride by Shelly Laurenston
                                                                      • Like a Wolf with a Bone
                                                                      • The Mane Event
                                                                      • The Beast in Him
                                                                      • The Mane Attraction
                                                                      • The Mane Squeeze
                                                                      • Beast Behaving Badly
                                                                      • Big Bad Beast
                                                                      • Bear Meets Girl
                                                                      • Wolf With Benefits
                                                                      • Bite Me

                                                                    • Started in 2017:
                                                                      • Completed: 9 - Blank Canvas (By Her Touch), Cougarville (Stone Cold Fox), For You (Stay Close), Girl Meets Duke (The Duchess Deal), Hidden Legacy (White Hot, Wildfire), How to Date a Douchebag (The Studying Hours), The Last Pack (Protecting Their Mate Part 1, Protecting Their Mate Part 2, Protecting Their Mate Part 3), Shifter Rogues (Wolf's Mate), Winston Brothers (Beauty and the Mustache, Beard in Mind)
                                                                      • In progress: 4 - Blue Collar Bad Boys (Bounced), Dana McIntyre Must Die (Kill Game), Research & Desire (Erotic Experiments), Star Guardians (Sagitta, Mikolos)
                                                                    • Started before 2017:
                                                                      • Completed: 3 - Dragons of Preor (Zadri), Found (Found at the Bookstore), Ice Planet Barbarians (Barbarian's Tease)
                                                                      • In progress: 1 - Original Heartbreakers (Can't Hardly Breathe)
                                                                    • Rereads:
                                                                      • Completed: -none-
                                                                      • In progress: 1 - Black Dagger Brotherhood (Dark Lover, Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, Lover Revealed, Lover Unbound, Lover Enshrined, Father Mine, The Story of Son)

                                                                    • Started in 2017:
                                                                      • Completed: 13 - Beards & Bondage (Sanctuary), Dana McIntyre Must Die (Cashing Out), The Emperor's Edge (Shadows Over Innocence, The Emperor's Edge, Dark Currents, Assassin's Curse, Deadly Games), Fireblood Dragons (Fire in His Embrace), Gideon's Riders (Deacon), Guards of Attala (Her Alien Bodyguard, Her Alien Protector), Research & Desire (Natural Selection, Double Dose), Seaside (Tear), Seaside Pictures (Capture), Space Grit: The Phoenix Cycle (The Phoenix Warrior), The Veredian Chronicles (Blind Fate), Warriors of the Wind (Tempest), Wisteria Witches (Wisteria Witches)
                                                                      • In progress: -none-
                                                                    • Started before 2017:
                                                                      • Completed: 10 - Boys of Summer (High Heat), Call of Crows (The Unyielding), Dragons of Bloodfire (Seduced by Fire), Eternal Mates (Treasured by a Tiger), Forgotten Ages (Decrypted), A Lion's Pride (When a Beta Roars, When an Omega Snaps, When a Lioness Pounces), Original Heartbreakers (The Harder You Fall, Can't Let Go), Six Pack Ranch (Rocky Mountain Freedom), Stone Soldiers (Winters Fury), True North (Steadfast)
                                                                      • In progress: 3 - Araneae Nation (A Heart of Ice, A Cast of Shadows), Dragon Kin (A Tale of Two Dragons, Chains & Flame, Dragon Actually), Razorland (Vanguard)
                                                                    • Rereads:
                                                                      • Completed: -none-
                                                                      • In progress: 1 - Black Dagger Brotherhood (Lover Avenged)

                                                                    • Started in 2017:
                                                                      • Completed: 10 - Blue Collar Bad Boys (Nailed), Caught Up in Love (Trophy Husband), Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries (The Hanover Square Affair), Charley Davidson (First Grave on the Right, Second Grave on the Left, Third Grave Dead Ahead), Holly Woods Files (Twisted Bond), Incryptid (Discount Armageddon), October Daye (A Local Habitation), Red Planet Dragons of Tjass (Dragon's Baby), Star Guardians (Hierax, Zakota), #ThreeLittleLies (Things Liars Say, Things Liars Hide, Things Liars Fake)
                                                                      • In progress: 
                                                                    • Started before 2017:
                                                                      • Completed: 2 - Colbana Files (Haunted Blade), Treasure Hunter Security (Uncharted)
                                                                      • In progress: 
                                                                    • Rereads:
                                                                      • Completed: 1 - Colbana Files (A Stroke of Dumb Luck, Bladed Magic, Blade Song, Night Blade, Broken Blade, Edged Blade, Misery's Way, Shadowed Blade)
                                                                      • In progress:

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                                                                    [Round 3: July-September]
                                                                    [Round 4: October-December]

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                                                                    1. I miss this challenge! :( In its absense, I may do like you're doing and track my series anyway, as if the challenge were still going.