Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Review: The Devil's Due (Morgan Kingsley #3) by Jenna Black

Synopsis (via Goodreads): Possession was never this much fun

Trust me or die… That's the choice Morgan Kingsley, exorcist, is given by the gorgeous rogue demon who's gotten inside her. The truth is, Morgan has dozens of reasons not to trust anyone, from the violence that torched her house and killed her father to a love life that's left her questioning her relationship with her erstwhile boyfriend, Brian. But Lugh, a king among demons, won't take no for an answer. He's prying into her body, her mind, even her sex life. And he's just pulled Morgan into a power struggle that could have devastating consequences for both the human and demon worlds.

But Morgan still has a job to do: investigating the highly bizarre possession of the son of a wealthy Philadelphia couple. That hunt leads Morgan into a realm of sexual depravity, then a terrifying kidnapping.… Now a woman who makes her living prying demons from their hosts finds her day job colliding with the night: a darkness that is attracting demons of the damnedest sort, including the one who’s about to demand his ultimate due...

My Take: I'm still really liking this series. Morgan can be abrasive and annoying and hard-headed and she sometimes acts without thinking, but she's interesting. Her relationship with Lugh is convoluted but she likes him, even though he's a demon. She's harboring an attraction to Adam but she has Brian that she loves. It's all very complex.

Morgan's moral compass is definitely wavering. The idea of killing to preserve her demon isn't out of the question.

Several of the plot points here also have direct bearing on the next book.  That sort of continuity is something I love.  However, it generally means that while you can read these books as stand-alones, you're going to be missing out on a whole lot of the subtle little things that make watching a character grow so enjoyable.

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