Monday, October 11, 2010

Review: Black Silk by Jan Gordon

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Vic has two loves in her life, her cat, Mister, and reading books from her bookstore.  Her future looked set, until one night when she's saved from probable danger by a mysterious stranger.  Cole has moved around a lot during his life, never finding a true home, until he buys an old house, and fate steps in to change his future.
My Thoughts: Overall I liked the book, however I did think the writing felt very fanfiction-esque for the first few chapters.  Since the author states in her introduction that she used to exclusively write fanfic, I'm not sure if I was projecting or what.  However, the writing did lose that feel as the story progressed and I was never at the point (even in the beginning) where I thought I couldn't continue because of writing quality.

Decent story, decent characters, a little predictable, but still readable.

This book is currently a free e-book through Barnes and Noble.

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