Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review: Saving Sophie by Elle Amery

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Sophie Huntsman’s crush on gorgeous Jake Muscat began when she was a frizzy-haired and flat- chested little twerp. She’s all woman now, and determined to fulfill her fantasy, even if it means following Jake’s rules. Jake’s always been a lone wolf, the type of guy who will never commit, but Sophie will take anything he’ll give her, even if it’s just one night of amazing sex.

Jake’s never opened up to a woman like this before, and Sophie’s discovered that Battery Operated Boyfriends can’t bring her to the heights Jake can. However, when Jake’s the only one who can save Sophie’s career, they agree to leave that night of sex behind. But lust ignites again, and this time it leaves Sophie reeling and Jake convinced his obsession will bring nothing but pain. When Jake walks away this time, Sophie needs to be saved from both a failing career and a breaking heart.

This time, can Jake save both Sophie and himself, and find the lasting passion they both desire?
My Thoughts: Okay, so I think it's sort of a given at this point that contemporary romance without some sort of paranormal/urban fantasy twist isn't really my cup of tea.  True story.  Yet, I still download and read the free ones as some part of a futile quest to find satisfaction in this genre.  You'd think I'd learn.  But I don't.  Part of it is the lure of those free books.  Free.Books.  I can't pass the darn things up.  Part of it is simply the joy of finding new authors, new writing styles, hopefully meeting a character or two that make my brain fire with pleasure.

Now I'm not saying this is a bad book. Really, it isn't.  It's just ... so ordinary.  If I'm trying to lose myself in a book I want to read about shapeshifting men and demons and fallen angels.  Reading about the fairly normal couple down the street who have had the hots for one another for a dozen years doesn't light my fire.  I want epic battles and blood and maybe a few guts.

So, on the good side: The book is well written.  There was one not-so-little formatting snafu (the epilogue popped up after chapter 15 or so without any warning, so I knew how it all ended.  Yes, it went Chapter 15, epilogue, Chapter 16.  I had confusion.) which was really jarring, but the writing itself was good.

If contemporary romance without any supernatural twist is your thing, give it a try.  It wasn't bad.

I guess the question at hand is whether or not I'll keep torturing myself by picking up free e-books that aren't magically delicious.  The short answer: More than likely.  The books are FREE, people.  I can't pass them up.

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