Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review: Enchanting the Lady (Relics of Merlin #1) by Kathryne Kennedy

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Little-noticed Felicity Seymour is a woman with a problem: she can't take control of her parents' lands until she can prove her magical abilities, of which she's never had the slightest hint. When she meets a handsome were-lion baronet, Terence Blackwell, she's surprised at his interest; what she doesn't know is that Terence smells the taint of relic-magic on her, the same magic that killed his brother. Resolving to learn her secrets, Terence courts the worried wallflower and is as surprised as anyone when he falls head over heels. Soon after they marry in secret, Felicity discovers that people she's trusted all her life are conspiring to steal her magic, her title and her land. Now she's got to stop them with the help of her new husband-but how much does she really know about her mysterious mate?
My Thoughts: I'm having a historical shape-shifting bonanza of books all of a sudden.  It's fantastic!  Guys, I had no idea I was missing out on this whole subset of books.  No idea.  None.  And now that I know I can't un-know it.  It's there.  I'll have to seek out more of these books.  And I'll have to read them.  And I'll be daydreaming about hunky shapeshifters who flout society's rules and live large.  I love it!

I liked that magic was out in the open in this book.  In fact, the degree of magic one possesses is directly related to how far up the nobility ladder they get to climb.  The one exception to this rule are the shapeshifters, who are immune to magic and can't actively work magic being that they're magic themselves.  This immunity is what makes them so well suited to hunting for the Relics of Merlin and what gives them a place among the magical nobles.

The spell that Felicity was put under, the one that made her unnoticeable to most everyone, made her a very sympathetic character.  I mean, we've all had times where we think no one notices us.  It's just that in her case it was that they literally didn't notice her.  That just... sucks.  To have someone walk into you because they didn't see you?  To have them look past you like you're not there?  Talk about a way to kill someone's self esteem.  Yikes.

So, yeah.  I liked the book.  The world felt very well developed and the action was fast paced.  The sexy shenanigans were, umm, sexy.  I'm totally on board with the historical shapeshifters now that I know about them.

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  1. Oh, super cool. I have this book on my kindle, which I downloaded as a freebie. Did you get it as a freebie too? I'm doing a challenge for 2011 where you read freebies. Since you enjoyed this one so much, I will put it on my challenge list. Thanks for the informative review/perspective.

  2. I did pick it up as a free Kindle download. I was lucky enough to grab the 2nd as well. I'm reading that one right now!