Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: Lord of Devil Isle by Connie Mason

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Nicholas Scott is lord of Devil Isle in all but name, and rules both his ship and the inhabitants of Bermuda with a masterful touch. But feisty Eve Upshall will be ruled by no man, especially not the arrogant privateer who rescues her from drowning and a shark attack, only to command that she choose a husband from among his crew.
My Thoughts: In an attempt to clear a few books out of my TBR pile before the New Year rolls around I decided to give this one a try.  Oh, guys, it was another fun one.  There's nothing life changing about it, but it let me drift for a bit on the high seas and imagine that all those seafaring men (just be glad that I resisted the urge to write "seamen" there!) are actually good looking and have all their teeth with nary a raging case of scurvy to be found.

First things first, now.  I have a bit of an issue with the synopsis.  Nick doesn't try to get Eve to choose a husband from his crew.  He takes both her and the two other ladies he saves into his ow home and attempts to find them husbands amongst the eligible men of the island.  More to the point, he repeatedly tries to get Eve into his bed and make her his mistress.  I'd say that's a far cry from commanding her to choose a husband from among his crew.  I'm just saying.

Other than that slightly misleading line (which really doesn't bother me, it's just incorrect), the book was interesting and fun.  Both Eve and Nice have pasts they have to deal with before they can love one another.  I really liked how accepting Nick was of Eve's injuries.  I liked that Eve wasn't the perfect lady and could swear a sailor under the table.  I liked the bit of depth that Nick and Adam's feud brought to the storyline.

Overall, it was very enjoyable.  I have to admit that if I read enough of these books I'm going to start believing that most seamen (ha!) had good hygiene, ripped bodies and all their teeth.  What?  A girl can dream, cant she?

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