Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review

One thing I love about the end of the year is looking back and recapping what I did, what books I got to read, and whether or not I actually wrote anything.  This year was a very, very good one for me.

According to my read-in-2010 shelf on Goodreads, I read 311 books.
According to my personal list, I read 289 books.

For the most part I don't include short stories (you know, along the lines of 20 or so pages in PDF format) on my personal list, although I do add them all to Goodreads, hence the discrepancy.  My beloved Kindle did end up throwing off my numbers a bit because I'm still not entirely sure what should be considered a short story on that.  Yes, the lack of page numbers confuses me.  I accept that about myself.  I also have a rule that I can only count the first read for books I read multiple times in a calendar year, which is known as Kelly's Rules for Reading in the New Millenium.  I really have too much time on my hands to think up stuff like this, don't I?

I started this blog on September 2nd and wrote up a grand total of 128 reviews in that time.
Of my 311 books at Goodreads, I left a review on 300 of them.

By Genre:
Young Adult: 57
Urban Fantasy: 63
Paranormal Romance: 156
Romance: 29
Horror, ect: 6

Obviously I read a lot of paranormal romance books.  Lol!

On top of reading a heck of a lot of books (I think I used the term "ungodly" at one point), I wrote a 104K word novel over a 3 month period (I'm editing it right now and OMG! editing sucks!) and signed up for NaNoWriMo with no belief in my head that I could actually write 50K words in a month.  I surprised myself with that one when I crested 50K on the 18th of November.  Now I'm back to editing novel #1 so that I can (hopefully) start submitting it for publication in 2011.

Total words written in 2010: 165,295

All in all, I'd say that 2010 was a good year.  I read a lot.  I wrote far more than I have in previous years.  I met a lot of great new people-authors and bloggers alike.  I found a bunch of book blogging sites that celebrate the joy of reading.

Here's to hoping that 2011 is just as good!

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