Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review: Where There's a Will by Katriena Knights

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
The terms of the will seem crazy-until she meets the man to fulfill them.

When Chloe Sullivan's great uncle dies, leaving her his house and a not-quite castle in the Highlands of Scotland, Chloe's more than willing to take a vacation across the pond to check it all out. When she gets there, she finds out there's a catch-if she wants to keep her inheritance, she has to marry a Scot. And her great uncle even left her a suggestion as to who.

Malcolm MacTavish is taken with the lovely, straightforward Chloe the moment he sees her at the airport. But they can't enjoy more than a brief fling, since she's planning to go back to the States. The more he gets to know her, though, the more he wants to try to change her mind. Until he finds out about the will...

Warning: This title contains a Highland fling (a.k.a explicit sex), Scottish accents and gratuitous jokes about the Loch Ness Monster.
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My Thoughts: First off, guys, I'm looking at that synopsis there and I wouldn't say this book is filled with overly explicit sex.  Mildly explicit maybe.  There are orgasms.  Lots of them, really, but I've read books so, so much naughtier than this one and I don't think they included a warning about the type of sex I was about to read about.  Which, let's be honest, tells me that I read waaaaay too many naughty books.

Huh.  Once again, I'm sharing a little too much of myself when I review sexy books.  Go figure.  I'm going to a have to switch over to non-sexy books on travel or people are going to start thinking bad things about me.  (Psst, it'll never happen.  The travel book thing, that is.  If you're want to think bad things about me, I won't stop you.  *wink*)

Anyway.  Now that this review is showing a disturbing bent toward taking on a life of its own, I should probably reel it back in before it starts setting up house on a tropical island and seducing the natives in the moonlight.

I liked this book.  It was a contemporary romance without the paranormal slant that I usually go for (and everyone knows that I have a hard time with the contemporary romances!) but I enjoyed it.  Malcolm was kinda yummy.  Sometimes I wonder why more men don't wear kilts.  But that's not really the point. Based on his past, Malcolm's feelings of betrayal over Chloe's actions felt real.  I think Chloe should have bucked up and told him about the provisions of the will before he found out but where would the fun be in a story where everything went perfectly.  Nowhere.  That's where the fun'd be.  Nowhere.

Overall, I enjoyed it.  The descriptions of the scenery were fantastic.  The gossipiness of the small town felt pretty darn accurate.  The characters had chemistry.

It was a good start for the first book of 2011.

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