Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: All In Time by Ciana Stone

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Sara's life is filled with mysteries. Why did her parents abandon her as a baby? What's behind the baffling blackouts she suffers and the frightening images she creates while she's out? Who is the strange woman claiming to hold the answers, and why does she keep calling Sara a Hussy?
Morgan's got a few mysteries of his own. What was his father going to give him on the day he died - the gift he said would change Morgan's life? Who is this bewitching woman who keeps passing out and creating pictures of his past and future - and why was she sent to save his life?All they both know from the moment they meet is that the bond between them is stronger - and more passionate - than anything either has ever known. And that fate has brought them together for a very important reason. If only they knew what it was.
My Thoughts:  This book wasn't bad but I had a really hard time getting past the use of the word "Hussy" as meaning a proud, powerful, warrior woman.  Ciana Stone even has a discussion between two of the characters about the etymology of the word and while that helped put things in perspective whenever Sara was called a Hussy it kinda made me cringe.

Once I managed to worm my way past the whole Hussy thing, the book was pretty good.  It moves quickly, the characters are likable, the sex is pretty hot.  While it would have been nice if the mystery behind Sara's abandonment as a baby had been a little more difficult to figure out, Morgan's confusion and emotional demons made up for it.

Decent, not necessarily outstanding, but it was a nice afternoon reading diversion.

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