Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: Healing Hearts by Taryn Kincaid

Release date:  February 28, 2011
Synopsis (via Goodreads):
As a girl, Emma Whiteside asked Adam Caldwell, Viscount Riverton, to wait for her to be of marriageable age. Now, twelve years later, Emma hates Adam as much as she once loved him, holding the former army major responsible for the death of her brother on the battlefield.

Adam already blames himself for the loss of the men under his command. But the fiery young woman Emma's become sparks his arousal, as well as emotions Adam thought long dead. The passion between them makes him want to reclaim the man he was before the war.

Though she tries to hold on to her hatred, Emma's longing for Adam is undeniable, especially after the two share a smoldering kiss. Still, Adam is certain no woman would want a man so damaged. Can Emma prove him wrong?
My Thoughts: This was one of those slow, sweet books that winds around you and lets you flow into the lives of the characters.  Relatively short, the book draws you in and lets you feel how two people on the edge of very different precipices find a way to come together.

Emma's sadness over losing her brother is translated into anger toward Adam, her brother's commander and long-time friend of the family.  Her father has abandoned her in his grief and she's on the edge of losing everything she holds dear.  Adam feels guilt over not being able to save her brother yet at the same time he's drawn to Emma and the memories he has of her childish declaration of love.

Short on action, this book is more about emotion and internal dialog.  Sweet, sad and ultimately hopeful, it was a quick read that hit the spot for a historical romance.

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