Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: Reunion (Vampires Realm) by Felicity Heaton

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
For the Venia Law Keeper, Marise, returning home isn’t something she wants to do, but duty dictates that she must answer Lord Timur’s call for assistance and investigate the attempt on his life by a vampire. Faced with her old home, she tries hard to suppress the memories it evokes, of happier times in the arms of her ex-lover, Jascha, and of the darker times with him that led to her leaving.

She puts the atmosphere and looks she receives down to fear from the attempt to kill Timur, but when she lays eyes on her lord, she realises that it may be for another reason and that the attacker may not have been a vampire after all. Left with only one other source of information, a guard injured in the attack to a point beyond recovery and left to remain awaiting death, she decides to question him before he dies and then get the hell out of there.

Only when she sees that the dying guard is Jascha, she begins a battle with her heart that will see her struggle to turn her back on Jascha and her family again, and maintain her sense of duty. Is fifty years enough to forgive the one you love for breaking your heart? Will Marise finally confess to everything she’s held inside and kept hidden from him? And can Jascha convince Marise to listen to what he has to say and make her love him again?
My Thoughts: I really enjoy Felicity Heaton's Vampires Realm series.  The characters tend to be the type that you can get into their heads and feel what they're feeling.  The vampire bloodlines are interesting and different enough that you don't feel like you're retreading old ground with every book.  The bad guys tend to be bad.  And that's exactly what I'm looking for.

Here we have a two strong warriors who have been torn apart by some stupid mistakes and a lack of communication.  Or maybe it's a lack of wanting to listen as opposed to a lack of wanting to talk.  Does that even make sense?  Maybe I need more coffee before I can form coherent sentences.  Maybe I can never form coherent sentences.  That's okay.  I accept myself as I am.

Anyway.  Two warriors, lots of angst.  In the fifty years they've been apart they haven't been able to forget one another but they're both tied up in knots and the emotional iceberg that is Marise is having a hard time unthawing.

There's blood and fighting and sexy times.  There are even some heartfelt moments with the sibling of the ex-lover.  All in all, it was a fun, fast, free read.  I like that.

Currently a free novella through Felicity Heaton's Vampires Realm website.

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