Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review: A Wicked Gentleman (Cavendish Square #1) by Jane Feather

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Pooling their meager resources, Lady Cornelia Dagenham, her sister-in-law Aurelia, and their friend Liv Lacey arrive in London's Cavendish Square to spend a month at the home Liv has just inherited. But why anyone would show a fervent interest in purchasing the rundown property -- particularly the arrogant Viscount Bonham, who clearly could afford the finest of homes -- is a puzzle to Cornelia. His charms are undeniable, though -- and Cornelia finds her resistance to this mysterious stranger falling a sparking passion clouds her view.

But their affair may place her and her friends in danger as Harry Bonham sweeps her into the sparkling whirl of high society. Leading a double life as a code breaker for the Crown, Harry is a man of many secrets. Is it Cornelia whom he truly desires, or something hidden in the house on Cavendish Square?
My Thoughts:  A sassy little historical romance with a touch of intrigue and devious shenanigans thrown in for color.  Both Harry and Cornelia were immensely likable and their interactions, from the first case of mistaken identity right on through their late night get-togethers, were fun and fiery.

It was nice to have our main lady love not only be a widow but have two children that she's deeply devoted to.  She doesn't much care for the shallowness of the society ladies or the insipidness of the men.  She loves her friends dearly and sticks by them through thick and thin.  The fact that she's not a trembling virgin (which is really a nice change of pace, btw) means that she isn't afraid of Harry's man parts and doesn't mind going on some exploratory jaunts to learn what he likes.

A quick, light read that won't over-tax the brain.

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