Monday, March 28, 2011

Review: Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson #3) by Patricia Briggs

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
The lighter moments of Mercedes Thompson's days are spent tinkering with VWs. When she's not workings, this attractive, shape-shifting auto mechanic is busy fighting wrongdoers and attempting to sort out her somewhat messy love life. In this, the third Mercy Thompson novel, Ms. Fix-It must work overtime to save her former boss and mentor from a homicide charge.
My Thoughts:  Holy crap, this book made me cry.  I really wasn't expecting that, you know.  I mean, Mercy's stories are good and everything but I wasn't expecting it to pack enough emotional wallop to make me tear up.  Since it blindsided me, I'm going to have to slap it on the back and throw it into my "2011 favorites" pile.  Yes, I really do have one of those.  I like to keep track of things that blow my mind.  ( Things that are on that list: the cover to Jaci Burton's The Perfect Play, the paranormal historical romance sub-genre, and finding candy canes that I hid from myself after Christmas.)

Here's the kicker, the thing that made the book for me is something I don't want to spoil everyone on.  Seriously, not seeing it coming was one of the highlights of the book.  So I'm just going to say that the things that Ben said to Adam destroyed me.  I mean, this is Ben we're talking about.  He's a surly jackass who hate women and I ended up liking the guy.  Who knew?!?

Except, since I'm not talking about the thing I'm sort of at a loss as to what else I can talk about.  I will say that the love triangle is resolved fairly quickly and without a lot of fuss or muss.  As usual, the secondary characters shine and Mercy is her normal combative self.

Overall, this is another solid adventure with Mercy and crew.  The mystery isn't mind bending but it shows us more of the Fae world (which I find fascinating).  And then there's that thing that made me cry.  I even teared up the second time I read it (the 2nd time being purely scientific research- I wanted to see if the first time was a fluke. Which it obviously wasn't.).

So, yeah.  *tosses it on the favorites pile*

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  1. I've yet to start this series, but it definitely sounds intriguing. Plus, if you're throwing it on your favourites pile, then I'm sold. Fab review :)

  2. I LOVE this series. Wait until you get to "River Marked", I thought it was fabulous.