Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: A Lady Never Tells (Willowmere #1) by Candace Camp

Synopsis (Goodreads):
When Mary Bascombe’s stepfather tries to sell her and her sisters to the highest bidder after their mother’s death, she resolves to take drastic action. Although their British mother was estranged from her family, Mary decides the four will flee to London and take their place in society as granddaughters of the Earl of Stewkesbury.

Dashing Sir Royce Winslow doubts the honesty of the young women’s claim—despite their charms, they seem to be hiding something. His attraction to feisty Mary, however, is no ruse, so when the sisters are shipped off to Willowmere, the earl’s country estate, to acquire some polish, Royce is quick to join them. When an unknown villain attempts a kidnapping, Royce and Mary are thrown together as they confront the danger . . . and Royce learns that while high society may sing the praises of proper behavior, it is a most improper American who is winning his heart.
My Thoughts:  This was one of those books where I got to the end and I thought to myself "Hmm. That was nice. I liked those girls and their wacky shenanigans."  That might sound like an insipid thing to say- "That was nice" - but it totally summed up my feelings.  I felt good after reading it.  There were a lot of little things I liked about the book.  It didn't blow me away or anything but it left me smiling when I read that last page.

And that's what it's all about, guys.

Things I liked: The relationship between the sisters.  They were a unit, a team, a force to be reckoned it.  They were ridiculously sefl-sufficient and could defend themselves in a pinch.  I loved that the girls thought nothing about carrying a gun tucked away in their pocket or a knife strapped to their ankle.  I loved everybody's reaction to them.  Frankly, there are times when I'm reading historical romances where I want someone to explain to me why the rules always had to be followed.  It was refreshing to have these girls ask those very questions.  Just because something has always been done one way doesn't mean it always should be done that way.

I thought Royce and Mary were adorable together and I LOVED that she took responsibility for her actions.  It was nice to have her tell him that he wasn't allowed to shoulder all the blame for their dalliances because she had been just as involved in their time together as he was.

All in all, I thought this was a fun read that had interesting characters and a breezy, light tone.

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