Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: Catch of a Lifetime (Tritone Trilogy #3) by Judi Fennell

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Mermaid Angel Tritone escapes a shark by jumping into single dad Logan Hardington's fishing boat. All his young son Michael wants for his birthday is a mermaid, and if his dad will only play his cards right, now he'll have one…

Angel wants to give Michael his most beloved birthday gift (a real live mermaid) while also getting to know his father and getting him to help her in her mission to stop humans from destroying the oceans. Logan has never met a woman who cared as much about the same things he does, and she's never met a man who understood her deepest commitment to humanity and nature. When an enemy of conservation shows up and tries to kill Angel, Logan has to choose between continuing the life he's known, or following the woman he loves to the bottom of the ocean…
My Thoughts:  This book was cute.  There might have been times when it was too cute for me.  But, then, I like dark books.  And this book?  Not dark.  I did thoroughly enjoy the word games the author used on common phrases to make them more nautical underwater-y aquatic (that one might work) marine-friendly.  Of course, I can't think of a single one at the moment, but they gave me a giggle.

While I ultimately liked the book, it really was a little too much on the cute side for me.  there wre times when Angel's almost flippant attitude made me want to smack my forehead and groan.  I didn't, but I wanted to.  Now, I should probably mention at this point that I haven't read the first two books in the series so it's highly possible that her attitude (which at times felt very self-absorbed) had some backstory to it.  Or maybe not.  Like I said, I didn't read the others in the series so I don't know.

Anyway.  I did like it, it's just not one I've gone gaga over.  Folks who like their paranormal romance on the lighter side will likely enjoy it.

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Catch of a Lifetime was a free Kindle download I picked up on 01/21/11.

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