Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review: Venice Vampyr (Venice Vampyr #1) by Tina Folsom

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Isabella Tenderini, a wealthy merchant's widow rescues a stranger from drowning in one of Venice's canals. And how does the man repay her selfless act? By kissing her - her, a respectable woman.

Not only is Raphael di Santori grateful for his life being saved, he would also like to thank his rescuer very intimately - more intimately than decorum allows. But then, Raphael has never been one to play by the rules - as a vampire he doesn't have to.
My Thoughts: I don't normally read reviews on books I haven't read before I read them. (<--poorly constructed sentence that I'm not going to change)  There's a couple of reasons for this.  The first one is that I don't want to let the hangups someone else had about a book color my perception of it.  I'd rather draw my own conclusions and see if they match up with other people's afterward.  You know, although there are other reasons that's the main one.  (Other reasons involve a bad experience I had with a book spoiler that made me want to KILL SOMEONE AFTER READING IT and the sometimes mean-spirited trash talking that I don't care to associate with.)

Yes, there are exceptions to my No-Reading-Reviews Rule (a book I might be wavering on or a new-to-me author that I want to get a feel for before shelling out my hard earned money) but for the most part I stick to it.

That said, I did read some reviews for this one before I read the actual book and I think it gave me this really inflated expectation of EXTREME NAUGHTINESS AND HOT, HOT VAMPIRE SEX.  I'm not saying the book wasn't hot and naughty, but it never quite hit the level that I was expecting it to from those reviews.  Which might possibly mean that the dirty books I read are extremely dirty in relation to the books everyone else reads.  I don't know.  I just know that while I enjoyed this book- both the style of writing and the characters- it didn't blow my socks off.

But it was still a good book.  Period.  I liked it.  I liked the setting.  I liked the characters.  I liked the naughty sexy scenes.  It's like when all my friends tell me that I'm going to LOVE a movie and then I see it and I'm like "It was... okay, but thanks for thinking of me" even though the movie was awesome and I should have liked it more than I did but there was that whole raised expectations thing and by the time everyone got done telling my how much I was going to like it there was no way it could live up to those expectations.  (<-- kinda a run-on sentence but it totally gets my point across)

Does everyone get what I'm saying?  I liked the book.  I liked it a lot.  I will undoubtedly read more by Tina Folsom at some point in the future.  So, yeah.  Good book.  Just, for the love of small, furry animals, remind me of this review next time I'm trolling my TBR shelf on Goodreads trying to decide what to read next.

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