Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review: Raising the Dead (Past Midnight #1.5) by Mara Purnhagen

Synopsis (Goodreads):
As the daughter of the famous Silver Spirits paranormal investigators, Charlotte Silver is used to all things weird. But when coffins start floating down her street during a flood, life turns extra strange. And wonderful, when her friend and crush Noah signs on to help Charlotte and her folks in the aftermath. Cemetery cleanup might not sound exciting, but as shocking discoveries and a lurking stranger come to light, Charlotte learns that sometimes, raising the dead can bring unexpected rewards.
My Thoughts:  I may be in the minority on this, but I thought this story was almost stronger than book 2.  Maybe it was finally getting a little more detail on what happened in Charleston in book 1.  No, I still haven't read book 1 yet.  Yes, I'm aware that if I read it I'd get all the answers to my questions.  It's mostly a matter of time.  I have a lot of books to read and only a finite amount of time to read them in.  I could make the time I suppose but when I look at the massive pile of books that I already own that are waiting for me to read them I can't justify adding another book to that pile at this point.

My biggest issue with book 2 was that there was this great big thing that happened in book 1 that was hinted at but never really explained.  I got my explanation here and it really helped and it gave the series a cohesiveness that was previously lacking for me.

Honestly, I really enjoy this series.  I like the characters.  I like the interactions between the characters.  I like the idea behind what the Silvers do.  I just had that little informational hump to get over before I felt like I was in complete understanding about what was going on.  I'm over that hump now, guys.  I'm over it and I'm loving life.

So, strong story that fits in nicely with the events to come in book 2.  I will at some point in the future read book 1.  I swear.

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Raising the Dead was a free Kindle download I picked up on 02/08/11.

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