Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: The Inventor (Fantasies of New Europa #1) by Morgan Karpiel

Synopsis (Goodreads):
For the Countess of Caithmore, a life of wealth has led to misery. Abandoned by her husband and widely accused of being nothing more than a porcelain doll without passion or intelligence, she has ventured into dangerous territory and commissioned the help of the most famous inventor in New Europa for a scandalous project.
In the depths of his laboratory, she will submit herself to a custom-built machine that will determine the extent of her coldness once and for all. The answer she craves carries a hidden risk, however, and the man whose invention has proven her ability to feel passion may not accept the role of lover-by-proxy for long.
My Thoughts: Well, hello, sexy steampunk!  I was intrigued enough by the synopsis on one of the other books in this series to pick up book 1 and give it a try.  Boy, am I glad I did.  Because sexy, steam powered pleasure machines are AWESOME!

I loved what Morgan Karpiel has created here.  The world is as steampunky as one would wish.  The characters were wonderful - sad, resigned, willing to try to break free of the confines of society in Leda's case and one hell of a sexy inventor in Ian.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I find strong, brilliant men who only want to dabble with their machines sexy.  I'm sure this has somehow led to my fascination with mad scientists.  But only if said mad scientist has good hair.  None of that crazy, just-stuck-my-finger-in-a-light-socket look for me, please.

Fabulously sexy with a hint of intrigue, I'll be picking up the others in the series very, very soon.

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