Saturday, July 2, 2011

Review: Giving Chase (Chase Brothers #1) by Lauren Dane

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Some small towns grow really good looking men! This is the case with the four Chase brothers. The home grown hotties are on the wishlist of every single woman in town and Maggie Wright is no exception.

Maggie has finally had it with the men she’s been dating but a spilled plate of chili cheese fries drops Shane Chase right into her lap. The sheriff is hot stuff but was burned by a former fiancée and is quite happy to play the field.

After Shane’s skittishness sends him out the door, Maggie realizes that Kyle Chase has had his eye on her from the start. Now that Shane has messed up, Kyle has no intention of letting anything stop him from wooing her right into his bed.

Despite Maggie’s happiness and growing love with Kyle, a dark shadow threatens everything—she’s got a stalker and he’s not happy at all. In the end, Maggie will need her wits, strength and the love of her man to get her out alive.
My Thoughts:  I've only read a handful of books by Lauren Dane but I've consistently enjoyed all of them, regardless of the genre she's writing in.  Honestly, contemporary romance without any paranormal critters aren't my favorite type of books, yet Lauren Dane hooks me every single time.

I was taken by surprise by this book.  And the funny thing is that it's all my fault.  I didn't read the full synopsis before starting it and I thought our main characters were going to be Maggie and Shane.  Imagine my shifty eyed look when Shane pulls a disappearing act (not literally. Although that would have been kinda cool) and Kyle steps in.  I dropped everything to go and read the full synopsis (You know what?  Don't even ask me how I managed to read only the first part of the synopsis orignally.  I have no answer for you.) and, lo and behold, everything began to make sense.

Now that I've spilled my doofishness across the internet (cleanup in aisle 3!), I'm going to gush about this book.  I loved Maggie.  I loved that she battled through her insecurities and took control of her life.  I loved that she was able to be a strong person and forgive Shane for being a jackass.  I adored her with Kyle.  I just loved the dynamic between the two of them.  It was sweet and sexy.  As for Kyle, how can you not adore a guy who stands up for his girl when he needs to but who has the strength of character to let her stand on her own two feet?  The answer to that is that you can't.  He's just a doll and he'll hook you and reel you in before you know it.

I loved the Chase family.  I loved how Polly took Maggie in without a second thought.  I loved how Kyle's brothers jumped to her defense when she needed it.  It was so fabulous how they welcomed her with open arms and made her feel loved.  Those lovable Chase boys make me want to rush out and pick up the next couple of books in the series so I can watch them fall in love one by one.

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Giving Chase was a free Kindle download I picked up 07/01/11.

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