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Review: Lord Demon's Delight (Demons of Dunmore #1) by Gia Dawn

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lady Jessaline Nolan is as stubborn as her fiery red hair implies; thwarting her father-s wishes every chance she gets. The day of her impending forced marriage proves no exception. She swears she would rather marry a Demon of Dunmore than the man her father has chosen.

Lord Llewellyn Dunmore is happily unwed, as the men in his lineage have remained for generations. It-s become a family tradition. But he is drawn to the beautiful damsel in distress and agrees to save her on one condition-that she willingly succumb to his every sensual demand. To his utter surprise, she agrees.

While Jessaline-s father schemes to bring her back by any means necessary, Jessaline and Llewellyn spend their nights in decadent delight and three rather cranky fairy-godmothers lend their magical help to the lovers.

Darker secrets lurk, however, as well as a shadowy past that Jessaline is unaware of. Can the new love between Jessaline and Llewellyn survive when confronted with hidden truths?
My Thoughts:  This book ended up being very different from what I thought it would be.  I mean, I see the word "demon" and it conjures up images of hellbeasts and leathery wings.  It turns out that it wasn't that type of demon, at all.  Just a carousing, lusty trio of brothers who are know for their excessive appetites and are reviled by most of the villagers.  I like leathery-winged demons, so this might have been a great disappointment but it turned out to be a fun little book with a touch of the hot sex that I so adore.

There's nothing terribly earthshattering about this book but I liked the characters and thought the plot was very entertaining.  I liked that Llew tried to be noble.  I liked that he was there for Jess every time she needed him.  I liked that he tried to give her a choice as to whether she wanted to stay tied to him.  I don't know.  It was fun.  It was a nice way to distract myself from real life for a bit.  In fact, the only thing that might have made it better would have been if Llew and his brothers had been honest to God demons.

As an aside, this book has one of my favorite familial themes - that family isn't about blood or social standing, but about those that are willing to stand beside you when the going gets tough.  The Dunmore brothers are all bastards with different mothers yet they're willing to fight to the end to help one another.  Jessaline's family is wealthy and high born and yet Jess has spent her entire life suffereing abuse and neglect at their hands.  I like the contrast between the one family that should have been divided by their different parentage but who stuck together through thick and thin and the other that had everything and treated their daughter like a pariah.  It worked for me.

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