Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review: Midnight Howl (Poison Apple) by Clare Hutton

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Marisol and her mom move from the city to rural Montana for a few months, and stay with family friends and their twin children, Jack and Hailey. Marisol loves looking at the stars so far away from city lights, but she feels creeped out by the woods right by their house. She's even more scared when her new friend Lily warns her about the wolves there -- wolves that are most dangerous around the full moon. When she notices Hailey disappear several times late at night, Marisol starts to wonder...could she be friends with a werewolf?
My Thoughts:  This is another of the books that my wee crazy niece got from the library and I decided to read with her.  And when I say "read with her" I mean that I took the book to work and read it.  No part of my reading was done with the Little Bug in the room or near me.  In fact, I don't think she's read any of the books at this point.  Which brings up the question of why I'm reading her books which are clearly geared toward a younger audience.  Well, the Poison Apple series is fun.  It's fun and easy and I can zip through these books quickly while having a good time.

As with Now You See Me..., this book is written in a friendly and engaging manner.  The plot is straightforward (girl moves to the country and starts imagining werewolves around every corner) and, once again, the main character is a little offbeat.  Her hobby is astronomy, let's face it, that rocks.

I like that these books have a touch of the supernatural in them and the answers the characters end up with aren't all explained scientifically.  Fun and fast, I'm still not convinced that my niece would understand everything that's going on but she's 8.  I liked the book.  I picked up on the nuances.  Mid-grade readers would do well with this series.

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