Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quickie Review: The Seeking Kiss (Midnight Playground #1) by Eden Bradley

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Two vampires, one woman, an eternity of love and desire…if only she’s strong enough…

London 2069
For as long as Nissa has known about Midnight Playground, the most exclusive of a world-wide network of vampire sex clubs, she has yearned to gain entrance—and to become one of them. Orphaned and alone from a young age, she has nothing to lose and nothing to stop her from indulging in her darkest fantasies.

Hex and his maker, Aleron, have enjoyed many play partners at the club and have often shared in the euphoria of the Seeking Kiss, that sensual blood exchange between vampires and their lovers. But Nissa’s beauty, intelligence and strength is a siren call he can’t resist.. His desire for her and her willingness to let herself be drawn by their mental pull compels Hex to consider offering to her something he’s never given another mortal– the treasured Turning Kiss.

The beautiful vampire pair entice Nissa into an intimate sexual realm beyond her wildest dreams—and she revels in it. But when she finds herself falling for one of the powerful duo, it could mean the end of her deepest fantasies. Or a new beginning she never dared to imagine…
My Thoughts:  When a book is about vampires and a naughty sex club, it's pretty much a given that I'll like it.  And I did like this one.  I was a tiny bit disappointed at the abrupt ending but I can get over it.  Which isn't to say that the ending didn't resolve things.  It did.  But that's all it did.  You didn't have a page or two to bask in the happiness of the couple - it just ended.  It was a little disconcerting.  However, after reading the synopsis for the next book in the series, I can see that we're probably going to get some closure there.  Still, I would have liked that extra page or two.

Like I said: Vampires and a naughty sex club.  Yep, I liked it.  The established relationship between Hex and Aleron was sexy and had some depth.  The instant attraction between Nissa and Hex and her enjoyment in watching the two men together was pretty hot.  There's a thread of sadness running throughout the book that elevates it above your usual Vampires in a Naughty Sex Club book.

Hot sex and intriguing relationships and I feel guilty for wanting a bit more closure.  Heck, it was fun and sexy.  Go with it.

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The Seeking Kiss was a free Kindle download I picked up 08/15/11.

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