Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Altered (Setenid Blight #1) by Kimberly Montague

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains there lies a cave that has been the source of local legends for centuries. Purported to be the home of an ancient deranged and vicious animal, many have gone in seek of it, but what lies within is far more dangerous than a mere creature.

17 year-old Piper “Evie” Kenley’s life has been anything but calm, however, the turmoil of losing almost her entire family is nothing compared to the difficulties she is about to face.

Robbed of all other alternatives, she moves in with her boyfriend of seven years and his family only to find that she has an intensely electric connection with the handsome and popular Devlin Vaughn- Captain of the football team. Try as she might, she cannot avoid this connection they share leaving her with a choice to make. But just as she begins to feel her life is in order, one camping trip and a testosterone-driven dare involving a cave with a deadly and contagious secret will send her entire world into complete chaos.
My Thoughts: Every once in a while a book hits your radar out of the blue and it blows you away.  This book did exactly that.  From the first page I was enthralled.  I even reached a point where I knew something bad was about to happen and I had to put the book down because I didn't want all the goodness that Evie was just beginning to experience to be taken away from her.  That, my friends, is some good writing.

We start up with some slow, sweet interactions that let us meet Evie (or Piper, if you choose to call her that) and fall into her life.  She was someone I could easily relate to.  She's content with her life, she doesn't want to cause anyone any undue pain or hardship, she's just a sweet, unassuming girl.  Yet, from the moment she meets Dev she's drawn to him.  And might I just say that Dev is incredibly swoon worthy.  He's gorgeous, sweet and he goes out of his way to seek Evie out.  As their relationship begins to blossom, Evie has to make the decision to stick with the guy she's been with for years but who she feels little more than friendship for or follow her heart and go for the guy she can't get out of her head.  *swoon* *sigh* *swoon*

Oh, and then there's this little, teeny, tiny side plot about a contagion that turns people it infects into bloodthirsty killers.  I'm just kidding, guys.  That part of the plot isn't tiny at all.  In fact, it's pretty darn awesome in itself.

I make no bones about how much I love books.  I also know that I love a lot of the books I read.  This shouldn't be a secret to anyone since I tend to gush like a love-struck teenager whenever I find something that captures my attention.  That said, this book really resonated with me.  I thought it was very well-written and captivating.  I adored the characters and the way they thought their way out of situations.  Plus, for having little more than kissing it was surprisingly steamy.  Considering the other types of books I read, that's saying a lot.

According to Kimberly Montague, book 2 is being written now.  I seriously can't wait!

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Altered was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Wow, this sounds terrific! Great review, definitely makes me want to read the book!


  2. Molli: Honestly, I was completely taken by this book. I'm soooo anxious for book 2.