Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: My Lady Taken (The Archangels #4) by Shirl Anders

Synopsis (Goodreads):
After his spying career is over the time has come for the handsome Duke, Lord Radford Sutherlin, to marry. But he is dismayed that he will find any hot-blooded lady like his other ex-spying friends in the Archangels have found. However with his tactical mind he concocts an amorous plan to find a lusty woman to marry by betting himself, on the books at White's, in marriage. He is a Duke, therefore making him any English lady's prize enough to pursue him. But what he does not expect is the feminine artifice of Lady Nia O'Shea when she sets her witty, seductive, and scheming sights on him. But all is not what it seems, and the plot and carnal play thicken into lively adventures in and out of bed.
My Thoughts:  I originally picked up this book because I wanted a quick, sexy historical.  Admittedly, I just sort of skimmed the synopsis (what?  Something shiny distracted me.) and then dived on into the book itself.  Meaning that I had no idea that Radford was a former spy.  Come to think of it, seeing as how that's the first line of the synopsis, I'm a terrible skimmer.  But, whatever.  I went into this book knowing nothing about it and I ended up liking it immensely.

Nia has a refreshingly open outlook about sex.  Although circumstance has forced into the life she's living, she enjoys it and she embraces her sexuality.  Radford is captivated by this.  He likes the way she meets him head on and the passion she shows in his arms.

Despite the fact that it's the fourth in a series, it was easy to follow.  The characters were fun and sexy and they kept me reading.  I did think that they sometimes used verbiage that felt a little too modern but it didn't really bother me, it was just something I noticed.  I picked up this book looking for an escape and it definitely delivered.  A little bit naughty and a lot fun, I'm mighty tempted by the rest of the series now.

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