Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review: Anasazi (Sense of Truth #2) by Emma Michaels

Synopsis (Goodreads):
One year ago, something happened to David. Following the only clue he had he headed out into the desert. Now he has asked me to come see him. But when I arrived, he was gone. The people in town claim they have never heard of him and everyone wants me to leave.

But I know he was here and he is in trouble.
He can't survive out there for long.

Can he?

David. I will find you.
My Thoughts:  First off, I love the covers for both of the Sense of Truth books.  This one is so striking with the coloring and her eyes.  Lovely.  Absolutely lovely.

One thing I found interesting with this book was that the character that carries over from the first book (David) doesn't put in an appearance until we're a good way through.  Yet, by introducing us to Megan as our main character - someone who knew both main protagonists from book1 - we're given insight into David and Destiny and their complicated relationship.  I liked it.  I'm going to be honest here and admit that Destiny grates on me.  I wasn't real keen on her in the first book and seeing how self-centered she is through someone else's eyes didn't change my way of thinking.  The funny thing is that she's not even in this book except as a memory and it doesn't really matter how I feel about her.  Right?  But I stand by what I said: She grates.

While the two books tie together at the end, there really two separate beasts.  This is Megan's story.  She drives it and keeps us engaged.  Her need to help David is tied into her past and her feelings for him.  I will admit that some of Megan's actions set my teeth on edge.  She's reckless with her physical safety more than once.  And by that I mean that she antagonizes people that she might be better off not antagonizing.  I also thought her immediate friendship with one of the town girls was a bit much.  It seemed to move very quickly to the point where they were giving life changing advice within a few hours of meeting one another.

Overall, I liked the book.  Megan is daring and sometimes brash but she's determined to help the people she thinks need her help.  I liked the way the two books tied together, although I wouldn't have minded a little more explanation on that front.

I'm still kinda in love with these covers.

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Anasazi was provided by Bokheim Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Okay, so I just realized that I actually have the 1st book downloaded to my kindle. They actually sound interesting they way you say they come together. And I agree, the covers are pretty cool.

  2. I reviewed this book too and I totally agree with you! Its good to know that I am not the only person to feel this way

  3. Christy: I think I liked this book better and you don't really have had to read the first one to read this one. However, I would have read the first book first even if someone told me just because I'm a little OCD about reading, but... I lost my train of thought.

    Sherre: Excellent! It's always nice to find an opinion that matches. :)