Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: The Aviator (Fantasies of New Europa #3) by Morgan Karpiel

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Gilda Sinclair is known to be quite mad, a woman who drinks like a man, swears like one and takes lovers whenever she chooses, discarding her elevated standing as an aristocrat to seek her fortune as an airship pilot. After her father's death, she insists on flying for his legendary dirigible company, only to learn that he has willed the controlling interest in the business to the one man she despises.

Nathan Lanchard was Gilda's lover for one night and has endured her manipulative games ever since. In his mind, she is spoiled and reckless, intent on driving him beyond the limits of his control. As new opportunities cast doubt on his future with Sinclair Airship, and the dangers of war loom on the horizon, he will discover how ruthless her cat-and-mouse seductions can be, and what emotion truly lies at the heart of the dark lust that burns between them.
My Thoughts:  This book has an edge of sadness to it that I didn't quite feel from the other two... no, wait. I'm wrong.  They've all been emotional roller coasters that wring me out and leave me gasping.  This one might have hit a bit harder on the sadness scale, but then unrequited love gets me all mopey.  I have to say that Morgan Karpiel knows how to pack a powerful punch into a small package.

In some ways this was a hard book to read.  Gilda is one of those characters that doesn't see the negative impact she's having on those closest to her until it's too late.  She's careless with her words around Nathan and she wounds him easily.  In her defense, Nathan isn't quite as open as he could be about how he feels (she sees his coldness as him being an ass when he's really trying not to come undone around her) but Gilda also lets the past color her perception of him.

Like I said, Morgan Karpiel packs a lot of happenings into her books.  Despite the length of the story, Gilda and Nathan are fully fleshed out and you feel their anger and heartbreak.  The steampunk elements of this world work nicely and the sex is hot.  Sexy steampunk.  Mmm.  Delicious.

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