Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: Cipher (Southern Arcana #4) by Moira Rogers

Release date: September 6, 2011
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Fourteen months ago, Kat Gabriel's life changed forever when she used her empathy as a weapon. Now she can't escape the weight of those deaths--or the loss of the easy friendship she and Andrew once shared. Obsessed with her mother's violent past, Kat is determined to learn the truth of her inner-darkness by understanding her legacy.

Since the attack that turned him into a wolf, Andrew Callaghan has done everything possible to make himself stronger. More capable of protecting Kat--both from the supernatural world that forced her to kill, and from their own volatile connection. Pushing her away hurt them both, but he's finally made himself into the protector she needs.

As Kat's quest leads her into the darkest underbelly of the psychic world, Andrew is determined to be at her side. But every step forward reopens old emotional wounds and shakes their control. For a dangerous alpha and a deadly psychic, distraction could be fatal--especially when the greatest threat they pose is to each other.
My Thoughts:  Sometimes I feel like a broken record because I just keep repeating myself and repeating myself when it comes to this series.  However, I'm not going to let that stop me from telling ya'll how FANTASTIC this book is.  It was like an ice cream sundae with extra chocolate sauce and a dozen cherries thrown on top.  Well, if you substitute ice cream for Alpha werewolves and chocolate sauce for magic and cherries for AWESOME!  Because everyone wants to eat an Alpha werewolf covered in magic and sprinkled with awesome.  Right?  Wait.  That somehow came out a lot dirtier than I meant it to.  *ahem*

We met Kat and Andrew in book 1 and we've seen them through the worst moments of their lives.  They were the couple-that-weren't that we all wanted to get together but circumstances drove them apart.   Yet despite the fact that they've gone their separate ways (or as separate as two supernaturals can in a small community), they're still combustible when they get together.  Put simply, those two are hot.

As always, the secondary characters absolutely shine.  Alec and his inability to work technology made me laugh but all of them made me downright giddy.  New characters keep the universe expanding and I'm really hoping that we get to see more of those newbies in later books.  Let's face it, Moira Rogers creates great characters.  It doesn't matter if they're in there for a few pages or are integral to the plot, they are fabulous.

For those that were wondering how soon the breakfast foods would make an appearance... Chapter 1, first line:  Someone was cooking waffles.

Breakfast foods, FTW!

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Cipher was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Okay, I am a firm believer that reviews (positive especially) do not get enough lovin'. So, here's some for yours! 1. I linked to your review on my post - yeah, linkage. 2. Serious agreement here. Southern Arcana series is like crack-I felt so addicted to the action, the twists, the characters. There is definite talent there, with those pen-wielding maniacal women who can have me laughing, crying and wringing my hands as I click from page to page.

    Wow...that's a lot of exuberance. Great review!

  2. Kyla: Well, thank you! You gave me a big old smile this morning with this comment! (I'm still getting used to the new Blogger interface, btw, and I haven't figured out an easy way to "see" my new comments. Their new way isn't easy for me. Lol!)