Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: Lucifera's Pet by M.T. Murphy

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Villains always have more fun.

Just ask Lucifera Romana. After nearly two thousand years as a vampire, she knows a thing or two about evil. When Emil Vladu, a powerful vampire from Lucifera’s past, decides he wants to take her position as the master vampire of Los Angeles her evil nature will be put to the test.

Lucifera’s tormentor sets into motion a treacherous scheme to take her power and destroy her empire. That plan fails to account for one important factor: Lucifera’s deadly werewolf companion. Death abounds when Emil is forced to lower himself to deal with the one he calls...

My Thoughts:  Dude.  Duuuuude.  This book was AWESOME!  It was the bloodiest, most vicious love story I've ever read.  Let me tell you, Mickey is no cuddly bunny of a werewolf.  He's a flat out KILLEH!  He revels in blood and destruction.  He loves getting his hands in the viscera of his enemies.  I'd wager that getting into the guts of his allies wouldn't turn him off either.  I honestly wouldn't have thought that I'd like a guy who gets off on ripping his prey in two, but I did.  I liked him!  Also, I orignally wrote "I wouldn't have thought I'd lick a guy who gets off on ripping his prey in two".  Which is also true, as it turns out.

A large portion of the story cuts between Lucifera's mortal life and rebirth as a vampire and Mickey's life and change to a werewolf.  These events take place some 1600+ years apart and yet the two plot lines weave together wonderfully and give us the chance to see these two vicious killers before they were shaped by their bloodlust.  Then, we get to watch as Lucifera and Mickey meet and form a partnership and defy all the rules that say that a vampire and a werewolf are mortal enemies.  Awesome!

No, this isn't your typical love story, but M.T. Murphy made it work.  Watching Lucifera fall for her wolf - although she'll maintain it's just for his blood - and Mickey's loyalty toward his vampire mistress was highlighted by their brutality.  Let me just say that they aren't just rough on their prey, either.  But it worked!  It worked, it worked, it worked!

One of the things that really impressed me was the fearlessness of the author.  He doesn't shy away from making our main characters do downright awful stuff.  Did you read that part about ripping people in two?  I wasn't speaking metaphorically.  It happens.  More than once.  Yet it never made me loathe the characters.  They're both products of their urges.  They both enjoy being what they are.  Did I mention that it worked?  It does!

I can appreciate that this book will be a one that not everyone can stomach.  Like I said, it's brutal at parts.  But it's wonderfully different from most of what's out there.  If you're willing to give it a try, you might be surprised at how two wildly vicious individuals can find love despite all the obstacles thrown in their way.

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Lucifera's Pet was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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