Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: Motor City Wolf (Urban Arcana #3) by Cindy Spencer Pape

Release date: August 29, 2011
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Less than a year ago, Fianna Meadows was a pampered noble in the Faerie court. Then she was exiled, turned mortal and forced to work for a living—in a werewolf bar in Detroit, no less! Still, Fianna has to admit her new life isn't so bad…particularly when it comes to Greg Novak, the bar's sexy owner.

For Greg, keeping his hands off Fianna has been a challenge. But his sense of honor won't let him get involved with a woman put in his care, even if Fianna is eager to explore her new feelings of lust. Resisting the temptation to claim her gets even harder when Greg's grandfather, the region's Alpha, orders him to marry and Fianna agrees to pretend to be his chosen mate.

Fighting his attraction to Fianna isn't Greg's only problem. Someone is killing werewolves and attacking other paranormal beings in Detroit. He vows to do whatever it takes protect both his pack and Fianna—even if that means giving her up…
My Thoughts:  In the interest of full disclosure I should probably mention that I'm really loving this series.  And in the interest of even further disclosure I should probably mention that while I read book 1, I somehow didn't read book 2 before reading this book.  I know!  I'm lame sometimes.  But in my defense Cindy Spencer Pape totally made it work.  Yes, I might know a few important plot points from book 2 that I would have enjoyed unraveling as I read the book, but I never felt lost or overwhelmed or consumed by the desire to throw myself off a cliff because I didn't know what was going on.  Not wanting to throwing myself off a cliff while reading is important to me in the grand scheme of things.  So, thank you, Cindy Spencer Pape.  I appreciate that you made this book accessible to those of us who read your books out of order.

Things I liked - Fee.  She was the epitome of an ice queen in book 1, so liking her in this book as soon as I did took me by surprise.  And I did like her.  From the beginning.  She's come a long way from cold, inhibited fae that unwittingly helped her Uncle plot murder.  She's a little clueless (especially about emotions and dealing with the physical passion between her and Greg) but she's willing to jump in when she's needed and do what needs to be done.  Speaking of Greg... I liked him, too.  He's all growly and Alpha and he knows he should control himself around Fee, yet he can't!  I love it when the big guys are brought down by instinct.

The secondary characters are fantastic, the villains are villainous, the sex is steamy.  In other words, this book hit the spot for me.  More, please.

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  1. I loved Cindy's Motor City Witch, and Motor City Fae. I also love her Gaslight Steam and Sorcery, Photographs and Phantoms. Looking forward to her newest.

  2. Barbara: Her Gaslight Chronicles series is wonderful! I love those books to pieces!