Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: Jamie's Revenge by Jenny Penn

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Jamie Traynor has come for her revenge. Brodie and Caelen MacAuley made only one mistake. When Jamie rides back into town, the MacAuley brothers don't intend to make the same mistake twice. Intent on corralling the one woman they've ever loved, neither brother takes well to her resistance. Not about to give into their desires, Jamie's got a plan of her own. To make the MacAuley brothers pay for breaking her heart, she intends to beat them at their own game and bring the men to their knees with lust. Trapped in a battle of wills with too much pride to call defeat, Jamie is about to learn that revenge comes at a price.
My Thoughts: I'm all for naughty menages.  This isn't a secret, right?  I like them.  I think they're fun to read.  I liked this menage.  It was sexy, a little dirty, a lot fun.  However, I never really felt like I was reading a book set in the Old West.  I think it was supposed to take place in the 1800s somewhere but other than a mention or two of corsets and a parlour house, it felt like a book set in some countrified alterna-world where poly-amorous relationships are totally normal.

If I skip over the historical aspects that weren't, this book was fun.  Sure, Jamie was a little kooky.  Sure, Brodie and Caelen were single minded about getting her into bed.  Honestly, though, I expected that.  Well, maybe not the kooky part, but the single-minded sex.  For sure.  This is a light, fluffy, sexy read.  One that involves tying up and tormenting in a very pleasurable fashion.

Bottom line... the sex was creative, the men were hot and the revenge was pretty sweet.

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Jamie's Revenge was a free download I picked up from Goodreads on 07/10/11.

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