Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review: Catch Me If You Can by Stacey Espino

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Christina is an ordinary woman, working a dead-end job as a bank teller. When her late grandmother gives her the gift of a luxury vacation, she looks forward to the break from reality. But instead of an upscale resort, she arrives at a working ranch with three dead sexy cowboys. They may not offer to give her the spa treatment, but they're eager to please her in other ways.

Just when the relationship between the Christina and her cowboys moves to the next level, she's forced to leave the ranch in order to protect the men she loves. She runs from them, knowing that if they catch her, she won't be able to stay away. But being together seems destined to failure. Can they overcome the obstacles facing their loving ménage?
My Thoughts: So, everybody knows that I like books where the lady gets her freak on with multiple guys at one times, right?  It's true.  I like menage story lines.  That's not really the point here.  The point is that I was about halfway through this book and I was starting to worry that the one guy I wanted Christina to get with was going to be the one she didn't end up with.  I had fears!  Menage fears!  It was horrifying.  Fortunately, everything worked out in the end and Christina got her four-way loving and I didn't have to worry.  Whew.

I want to write something really deep here but I picked this book up because I wanted to read about sweaty cowboys having sweaty sex with the innocent lady who comes to stay with them.  I don't think I'm going to be able to mine anything deep out of my need to read cowboy sex books.

So.  If you're looking for a nice fast read with a load of cowboys, a bit of a mystery and naughty sex... well, you've found your book.  And I can put any menage fears you might have to rest by saying that Christina does get to make sweet, sweet love with all her cowboys.

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Catch Me If You Can was a free download from ARE I picked up 12/18/11.